THERE’S been a lot of hoo-ha in the last month regarding Volkswagen’s emission swindle. Life must really be boring for some people when this can be headline news for so long. Do people really believe that big companies such as VW don’t do whatever they can to sell their products? I’m not just talking about cars either, but everything from the food on your table to the big-dollar luxury purchases we make. If you believe anything salesmen tell you, you deserve to get ripped off.

The fact is, most people are happy being ripped off, provided they don’t know about it and the product or service they’ve paid for does what they want it to do.

At the end of the day, who buys their Volkswagen, or any other car for that matter, because of how many grams per kilometre of crap it pumps out of its tailpipe? You’re kid isn’t going to tell his mates at school on Monday that daddy’s Amarok is the cleanest car in the car park. But he will tell them what a great camping trip it took them on over the weekend and how it climbed that monster mountain, drove through rivers and went to the end of the earth.

What’s your priority – what your vehicle does or how much it pollutes? Really, if you’re all that worried about pollution caused by cars, you should walk more often, or buy a pushbike. You can stop eating steak, too, as the production of beef is just as bad a polluter as internal combustion engines.

It seems people like to think green until it adversely affects their lifestyle.

If you’re angry about Volkswagen lying about things like emissions, you need to pull your head out of the sand, too, as all big businesses lie. If you don’t like it, then you should stop voting for politicians, because they’ve never been ones to stick to the truth, and they have a strong record being the best fibbers around.

I think people will start to care about emissions when they take their VW, or any other car similarly affected, back to the manufacturer for a rectification recall and it comes back not performing as well as it used to because it’s been detuned to meet the clean standards. There’ll be a few owners wanting their money back, or at least their car the way it used to go.

There’ll also be good business for the aftermarket, renewing the performance back to the ‘dirty’ tune.

In the meantime, we’ll still like the Amarok because it does a bloody good job.