10 steps to stress-free sand sorties

Weíve shown you some of the best sand-scorching drives in this issue. Hereís the easy way to enjoy them.


ENSURE your vehicle is mechanically sound before hitting the beach. Donít wait until youíre out there to check the coolant level.


MAKE sure you have enough fuel on board. Your 4x4 will use a lot more fuel working though soft sand.


CARRY the appropriate recovery equipment. A shovel, a snatch strap and a pair of shackles should be a minimum.


DROP tyre pressures to 18psi before you get stuck, then drop in 2 psi increments if required.


ENGAGE four-wheel drive before you hit the sand. That means lock your hubs in, too.


ALWAYS know whatís ahead of you and over the next dune before you reach it and itís too late to back out.


ALWAYS consider inertia and that it will be harder to get your car moving once it has stopped in soft sand.


IF you must stop on the sand, do so pointing downhill if possible Ė it will be easier to get moving again.


DONíT brake hard if you donít have to.

This will dig your tyres into holes that will be harder to get out of.


DONíT make aggressive steering inputs that risk peeling a tyre off its wheel bead.