A LIMITED edition of the Colorado LS 4x4 Crew Cab pick-up has rolled out at Holden dealers - the Colorado LS-X. On the outside, the Colorado LS-X replaces the LSís steel rims with 16-inch alloy wheels, and adds front fog lights and an alloy sports bar. The LS-X also gets a smoked bonnet protector and unique LS-X badging. Inside, it ditches the LSís vinyl floor covering for carpet. Only 750 copies of the Colorado LS-X 4x4 Crew Cab pick-up are being built. The LS-X is $1000 more than the LS 4x4 Crew Cab pick-up upon which it is based, making the manual LS-X a $46,490 ask, while the auto version is $48,690. Unfortunately, the limited edition ute doesnít get the iconic LS-X engine that Holden has unimaginatively pinched the nameplate from.