Opposite Lock is now selling the SmartBar range of bullbars. These Aussie-made, ADR-compliant bullbars, constructed with extremely tough and resilient hollow polyethylene, are cleverly designed to absorb impact and then propel the obstruction forward or to the side – depending on the position of impact and type of object struck. The SmartBar will flex the same as an alloy or steel bar, but will return to its original shape with minimal evidence of impact. The SmartBar can be fitted to the new Triton, Navara or Ranger.


SHOCK, HORROR SHOCK, HORROR Don’t let a crook set of shock absorbers ruin your weekend getaway to the bush. KYB’s Skorched 4’s shock absorbers are designed specifically for the harsh Aussie terrain. A host of features should hoist these shocks to the top of punter’s wish-lists, including a four-step seal to keep foreign matters out, velocity-sensitive valving to improve handling and natural rubber bushes with seamless eye rings. The shocks are matched to industry leading coil and leaf springs for extra wheel travel and are accurately valved to minimise unnecessary vehicle movement.



Aussie company CouplerTec’s corrosion protection system works by slowing down the reaction between iron and oxygen, especially when a painted steel surface – for example, a panel on your 4WD – has minor damage. Its range of selffit corrosion protection includes a 4WD heavy duty system intended to protect 4WDs when exposed to frequent use in highly corrosive environments, such as regular driving on beaches. There’s also an extreme system for vehicles used in professional roles in corrosive working environments, such as by beach fishermen.

The kits include the CouplerTec module, capacitive couplers, s. ofessional nts, clude apacitive wiring loom, installation hardware such as fasteners and installation instructions.

RRP: From $655.

Website: www. m, rs ation ns. m c.


The range of VRS winches has been sold in Australia and around the world for many years. The VRS full recovery kit is designed to complement your electric winch, with higher ratings and longer straps and provides a safe and reliable foundation for all vehicle recovery situations. The VRS snatch strap is 10m by 60mm and is 100 per cent nylon. It has a 20 per cent stretch, a safe breaking strain of 8000kg and it’s paired with 3.2t bow shackles.

The VRS full recovery kit also comes with all the winch-compatible accessories and VRS gloves.

RRP: $229.



Big Red has added high power 180mm and 220mm LED driving lights to its illustrious repertoire. Designed to provide optimum light output, yet remain affordable, these LEDs have a 6300 Kelvin measure, which is close to daytime light! Made using fine, durable materials, the LEDS are bolted down using a heavy duty, stainless-steel bracket, so they’re perfect for harsh, off-road terrain. The 180mm lamp delivers 8000 Lumen and casts a light 370m up the road at 1 Lux. The 220mm lamp produces 13,000 Lumen and shoots a light 500m at 1 Lux.

RRP: From $330.



What’s just as important as recovery gear, water, extra fuel and a well-prepped rig for an outback expedition?

That’s right, cold beer! MSA 4X4’s Fridge Barrier will protect your fridge from getting bumped and bruised from the other equipment stored down back. It’ll also keep loose gear from falling behind a fridge slide and allow you to make the most of the available cargo space. It’s available in 16 models to suit a wide range of fridges and slides. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

RRP: From $449.



The boffins at Auburn Gear have developed new aftermarket Dana diffs from the ground up. Dana 60 and Dana 70 ECTED Max Open-to-Lock differentials are built for the most hardcore off-roaders, who have a desire to mount the toughest of climbs. These diffs, featuring 9310 heat-treated material and a highstrength ductile iron case construction, maximise a rigs performance, consistency and durability. They also feature a patented 4-pinion arrangement and minimised gear geometry to lock the gears to the differential housing, transferring torque through the differential case rather than individual gears. The system can be operated via an in-cabin switch.



Modern engines are designed, thanks to environmental laws, to ensure oil mist is not released into the atmosphere but circulated back into the combustion chamber. And while the birds and the butterflies will be grateful, your engine will not be.

Y’see, this causes the build-up of carbon around the walls of the EGR valve, inlet manifold, turbo bearings and intercooler. Enter the Flashlube Catch Can Pro, which safely filters out the nasty oil mist. You’re welcome Greenies!



What comes to mind when you think of a rhino? For us, it is words like tough, durable and aggressive. Appropriate that these words also sum up the latest tyres released by the folk at Black Rhino.

The 2016 range of hard alloy wheels are built tough to cope with the most rugged treks this great land can throw at them.

Check out the Selkirk, the Madness, the Warlord and the Revolution and imagine the difference these wheels can make to your ride – both physically and aesthetically.



Tyres are often a new 4WD buyer’s first upgrade for off-road use. And quite rightly so: a purpose-built offroad tyre provides extra grip and – more importantly – durability that bush travel demands. Mickey Thompson has been building tyres for off-road motorsport and touring for decades and has just put the finishing touches on its MTZ P3. A replacement for the respected MTZ, the new P3 features more flexible – but no less durable – sidewalls and better performance both on bitumen and off-road thanks to angled scalloped shoulder lugs (for traction in soft terrain) and greater chip resistance due to a high silica compound!



Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it comes to the underside of your 4x4. TJM knows this, which is why it builds the best protection for your ride.

Here’s some protection you can add to a HiLux’s belly to keep the things that can’t be seen protected.

The front underbody guard/transmission guard are made from 3mm steel, are electro-coated for up to 500 hours of corrosion resistance and are powercoated in a black finish. These guards will be sure to take the brunt of the impact when you encounter unfriendly rocks and terrain.



It pays to always be one step ahead of a possible problem and this especially rings true when on an outback trek to a secluded paradise. ARB has released its premium range of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems that could prevent disaster from striking.

The easy-to-install systems come in both external and internal kits – both feature a 12v mounted display. You can trust ARB to provide customers with accuracy when monitoring tyre pressures!