IF YOU like to keep the inside of your 4x4 uncluttered, then MSA 4x4ís Tourer and Basket Packs should be atop your shopping list (and your roof). Bulky items can be stored on a roof rack with peace of mind, knowing theyíll be protected from the elements. The packs feature a fully attached seatbelt harness system and a YKK chunky zip, with double metal sliders on three sides. Made from 16oz canvas, the packs are easy to load and unload and come with a lifetime guarantee.

RRP: From $368 Website:


COOLDRIVE Distribution has released two new NOCO Jump Starters: the GB40 and GB70. These lithium-ionpowered jump starters incorporate patented spark-proof technology, making them almost impossible to use incorrectly. The GB40 can be used for up to 20 starts on a single charge and is suitable for petrol engines (up to 6.0L) and diesel engines (up to 3.0L). The more powerful GB70 offers 40 starts and is designed for larger petrol and diesel engines. They can recharge a battery in just over three hours, but can also be used to power a variety of 12V devices. Both are rechargeable via a USB port, or by using the provided 12V charger.



IRONMAN 4x4ís new-gen Electric Brake Controller will keep whatever youíre towing in line. The controller utilises pulse microprocessor-based technology, and it features a remote dial control, so the main unit is hidden neatly under the dash. The compact system is easy to install and can be mounted on any angle, and it can handle both singleand dual-axle trailers. Also features a dashboard LED indicator, an easy-adjustment dashboard knob, and convenient override control.

RRP: $180 Website:


GETTING a flat battery fully charged and back to as-new condition is a pretty tough business, but Hyundaiís newly released range of Smart Car Battery Chargers claims to do just that. The new Hyundai Smart Charger range uses multistage charging to correctly build up a batteryís voltage. The final stage is effectively a trickle stage, which can be left on a car battery long term, to keep the battery charged and in top condition. There are Hyundai Smart Charge models to suit all size batteries.

RRP: From $69.99 Website:


NEED somewhere to store all of the crap youíve got rolling around down back? Then check out Doliumís upgraded range of Boab Roller Drawers. These drawers now come with a built-in anchor track and tie-down system. Mounted flush with the top of the drawers, the anchor track system uses removable load rings (single-drawer units come with four load rings; double-drawer units are supplied with eight load rings), which can be easily adjusted along the length of the track. Anchor tracks are available on single, double, large, medium, fridge slider or fixed-top roller drawers.

RRP: From $695 Website:


PLANNING a weekend retreat to the ski slopes, but donít have space for the gear?

Rhino-Rackís new Ski and Snowboard Carrier will make sure you donít miss out on any winter adventures. A 695mm internal length allows up to six pairs of skis (or four snowboards) to be stored up top, and an easy-release locking system means the gear can be loaded and unloaded quickly. Other features include a Masterkey-compatible security lock, a universal mount, and mould-resistant materials. Plus it offers UV protection and is waterproof and rustproof. It comes with a five-year warranty.

RRP: $259 Website:


YOUíVE rocked up to a campsite, set up all of your gear, and are now settling down for a night under the stars with your favourite bottle of red. But, where the heck is the bottle opener? Weíve all been there! Leathermanís latest release, the Signal, will get you out of that pickle, but itís also equipped with a lot more tools. Tools include: pliers (needle-nose and regular); saw; combo knife; wire cutters; an emergency whistle; fire-starter; hammer; and a diamondcoated blade sharpener. There are 19 tools in total!

RRP: $285 Website:


BATTERY management expert CTEK has developed a battery charger thatís designed to support the power demands of start-stop vehicle technology and to minimise the risk of an unexpected flat battery. The CT5 Start Stop is fully automatic, easy to use, and its simple three-stage display tells you whether your battery is being checked and tested, is charging, or is in continuous 24/7 care mode.

The CTEK CT5 Start Stop is suitable for all 12V lead acid batteries (wet, MF, CA/CA, AGM and GEL) with a capacity of 14-130Ah. Itís optimised for the AGM and EFB batteries used in start-stop technology.

RRP: $177.87 Website:


FOLLOWING 18 months of development, Terrain Tamer has introduced two new models to its range of heavyduty radiators. The radiators come complete with steel mounting brackets and are available for the HiLux KUN26 and 70 Series V8 Land Cruiser models. Each features a fully pressed and fused aluminium tank design for superior strength. The heavy-duty radiators are also manufactured with a low-level warning plug, allowing them to be fitted with an optional extra in-dash warning indicator device.



IF 298kW of V8 is not enough for you (check out the Y62 Patrol on page 76), then Harrop Engineering has the solution. Its TVS2300 Supercharger Kit for the VK56 engine utilises the latest-gen Eaton TVS tech to deliver more power and torque - with gains of around 50-per cent achievable.

The kit also features: a high-efficiency intercooler system; two-piece manifold design; front drive/front inlet design fo r less restrictive intake path; and a large intercooler core. It retains all factory accessories and itís designed and manufactured in Oz. Pricing is expected to come in around $11,000.



DOES this roof rack kit look familiar?

Thatís because itís the one we opted to install on our giveaway HiLux.

Except this one Ė the 2016 Toyota HiLux Slimline II Roof Rack Kit Ė is Opposite Lockís newest addition to its exclusive Front Runner range. At 1165mm x 1358mm, the kit comes with vehicle-specific foot rails with table openings and a wind deflector.

Specifically designed for off-road use, the modular rack is manufactured from high-density aluminium and is lighter and stronger than traditional welded racks.



IF THEREíS one nonnegotiable when it comes to a vehicleís front end, itís that itís made tough! And TJMís Frontal Protection Systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards. TJMís unique and innovative load carrying mount system separates the extreme winching and dynamic strap recovery loads from the airbag-compatible crumple zones required for compliance. Through clever design the TJM mount system directs the severe recovery loads to the strongest part of the chassis without affecting the airbag compatibility, to ensure maximum safety for the driver and their family. TJMís Frontal Protection Systems are not only the strongest bars in town, but also easy to use.