JANUARY was quiet for new 4x4 registrations no surprise there but the numbers were also down compared to January, 2016.

Registrations for the segment were down a total of 3.8 per cent in the 4x4 Ute category, but key models saw a bigger drop in numbers. The Toyota Hilux was down 18 per cent, the Nissan Navara 46 per cent, and the Isuzu D-MAX 21 per cent, largely due to the run-out of the old model.

The large SUV segment (which includes plenty of single-range SUVs not included in our tally) was up 2.1 per cent, but some of the dual-range models were not as popular this January compared to last. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was down 65 per cent, the Mitsubishi Pajero down 29 per cent, while the Isuzu MU-X attracted 22 per cent fewer buyers.