JAGUAR Land Rover recently dropped the curtains at its all-new Classic Works facility in Coventry, UK, which will bring all sales, servicing and restoration operations of its classic vehicles, under the one roof.

The state-of-the-art, purpose-built centre features a dedicated showroom space, and 54 workshop bays for service and restoration of all Jaguar and Land Rover models that have been out of production for a decade or more. Genuine parts for these models are sourced through the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Parts catalogue, which has more than 30,000 individual and guaranteed parts on offer.

“Classic Works is hugely important to Jaguar Land Rover. It’s much more than a building – it’s the heart and soul of Jaguar Land Rover Classic for our clients worldwide,” Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Managing Director, John Edwards, said.

“Being able to support owners and enthusiasts of our two great brands with a full suite of services for classic vehicles is a fantastic opportunity.”

For Land Rover aficionados, the Classic Works facility houses more than 500 vehicles in the JLR Classic Collection, with said cars available for loans to car clubs and museums.

More than 80 specialists are on staff, with that number expected to exceed 120 by years’ end. Many of the highly skilled employees have decades of experience working on particular models found within the facility.

“Our people, their knowledge and their skills are the heart of Jaguar Land Rover Classic,” JLR Classic director, Tim Hannig, said.

“There are more than 1.5 million classic Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in existence worldwide, and we are investing in traditional manufacturing and restoration skills to ensure enthusiasts are able to give cars with a glorious past, a glorious future.”

The impressive 14,000m² facility in the British Midlands will be joined by another facility to be launched later this year in Essen, Germany.

Tours are available through the UK facility at £49 (AU$80 approx.) per person.