ITíS TIME to take a look at the 4x4s that eke out the kind of sales volumes that will never see them appearing on the top 20 for the month (or top 10 YTD, for that matter) on the VFACTS sales tally.

The evergreen Suzuki Jimny is the cheapest (and smallest) dual-range 4x4 you can buy, but only six buyers put up their hand for one in May. Only 66 have been sold YTD, compared with 438 for the same period last year.

The Great Wall Steed, fresh to the market late last year, has clocked up 19 sales in May, with 89 sold for the year so far.

The RAM Laramie, the only locally converted US truck to appear in the VFACTS figures, sold 32 examples in May and 134 YTD. Local importer Ateco wonít be complaining, though, as thatís up from 20 sold in May 2016 and 103 YTD to the end of May 2016. This figure only represents those sold by Ateco and not from other RAM conversion and sales companies.