AUSTRALIANS buy plenty of utes, but it pales in comparison with the American landscape, where ‘trucks’ not only dominate the market but have a growing sales trend.

The top-selling vehicle in the US, the Ford F-Series, sold 76,027 examples in May 2017, according to The Wall Street Journal, with 351,965 sold YTD. The May figure is up 12.8 per cent on 2016, while YTD sales are up 8.5 per cent. Total light truck sales are up 4.7 per cent YTD.

The US light truck, SUV and van market accounts for almost as much volume in one month as Australia’s total annual vehicles sales. In May, 935,170 such vehicles were sold in the US.

The Honda Accord is the USA’s top-selling passenger car (at 33,547 units sold in May and 130,300 YTD) but it’s fifth in the tally behind the F-Series, RAM, Chev Silverado and Toyota RAV4.