YAKIMA continues to add accessories to its popular LockN’Load system. As the name suggests, the AceO’Spades is a spade/shovel holder (made from glass-reinforced plastic) that can also be used to carry canoe/kayak/SUP paddles.

It attaches to the platform rack’s slats via a clever 21mm accessory slot that incorporates drop-in cut-outs for this purpose. The holder is operated by a unique ‘pop and drop’ mechanism, where you push in the ratchets on each side of the holder and it opens up. You then place the shovel on top of the rubber pads and clamp it back down. The AceO’Spades will hold handles with diameters of between 30-55mm. You can also lock the holder using the supplied key.

RRP: $69 Website:


THIS new 44ah portable power pack from the team at Ironman 4x4 packs plenty of grunt – and features – inside its tough exterior case. The power pack’s features includes a digital voltage and amperage meter, the option to charge via 240V AC, 12V DC and solar panels, and a low-battery warning system. The pack has the ability to power 12V and 5V DC appliances such as mobile phones, camp lighting and fridge/freezers. The heavy-duty ABS case includes a folding integrated handle that makes lugging the unit around easy. Outlets include a 12V DC cigarette lighter socket and a merit socket, plus there’s a 5V DC USB port for electrical gadgets. The unit’s individual on/off switches include an LED indicator for ease of checking, and the power pack’s compact size means it won’t take up too much cargo space. It’s available from all Ironman 4x4 outlets.

RRP: $499 Website:


PROJECTA’S BLT battery tester range has recently been expanded with the BLT500 and BLT700 added to the stable.

The BLT500 is the entry-level model (for 12V batteries) with a Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) range of 100-1700. The LED display is easy to read and shows CCA, voltage and percentage of battery health. The BLT700 (pictured) adds suitability for use with 12V Wet, Calcium, AGM and EFG batteries and has a built-in printer for checking test results, plus a backlit LCD display to view the unit’s 40-2000 CCA range, usual voltage, percentage of battery health and general battery condition. The BLT700 can store up to 80 test results in its on-board memory. The BLT700 expands these capabilities by being able to test the alternator, starter-motor, earth and diode ripple, and it comes with included software, USB cable and everything else you need to keep an eye on – and record – your battery’s power. It’s available from aftermarket retailers across Australia.



FOR the off-road tourer who spends a chunk of time on bitumen before hitting the dirt, Kumho’s new all-weather/mixed-terrain tyre, the Crugen HT51, is well worth a look.

Designed as a high-mileage, high-treadwear tyre, the HT51 features a stiff centre block design for enhanced stability without sacrificing on- and off-road traction and handling. The lengthy 80,000km warranty is backed by a four-channel layout for optimum tread life, while the 3D sipes and a zig-zag groove design ensure ample drainage in wet weather – a great assurance for wetweather and snow driving conditions. The Crugen HT51 is available in both regular and Light Truck construction, with the LT variants covering rim sizes from 16 to 18 regular construction tyre (SUVoriented) available in sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches. The tyres are available from all stockists. bitum all hi wear HT an len four t en weather sno a c inches. The regu oriented) is avail Kumho stockists Website: www.ku


ONE of the most comprehensive guides to off-road exploration has just been updated with an additional 100 pages of advice from expedition guru, Tom Sheppard, and his co-author, Jonathan Hanson. This huge guide took the authors six years to revise and update, and it covers all the essentials including planning, destination selection, navigation, driver training, essential vehicle mods, clothing, camping essentials, camp cooking, the importance of reading a map, communications, power, satellite imagery navigation, vehicle maintenance, first-aid, and recovery. By combining their 60 years of off-road expedition experience, the authors have provided a veritable bible of tips, techniques and advice that will make any trip successful.

RRP: US$75 Website:


OPPY LOCK has added two new premium bullbars for the TDV6 Amarok – the 3 Loop and Steel Post. The 3 Loop includes heavy-duty over-riders, provisions to install fog or driving lights and a low-mount electric winch, a central split air dam to ensure plenty of cool air flowing through to the radiator, and three radio aerial mounts. The bar is ADR and airbag compliant, and it’s powdercoated matte black.

The Steel Post features two heavy-duty uprights in the bar’s centre for enhanced strength and has provision for fitment of spotties/fog lights and a low-mount electric winch. The Steel Post bar’s plate steel is laser cut as one piece to form part of the mounting bracket, ensuring optimum durability and strength. Both bars are covered by a two-year national warranty and are available from all Opposite Lock outlets.



THE latest addition to the famous Swiss Army Knife collection, the Cybertool S, includes 27 separate functions in its compact (91mm long) and lightweight (95g) format. Based on the company’s traditional Officer knife, functions include an integrated wrench (with different bit) and a fold-out bit case that includes two Pozidriv Phillips head bits (plus a standard Phillips bit), three Torx bits, a bit-wrench, a female 5mm Hex drive and a female 4mm Hex drive, plus a standard Hex 4 bit.

There are two blades (large and small), a can opener, 6mm screwdriver, wire stripper, 6mm and 3mm screwdrivers, can opener (very important), pressurised ballpoint pen and loads more. On top of all these features, you cop Victorinox’s sterling reputation for building innovative and tough gear. Win, win.

RRP: $145 Website:


RHINO-RACK’S new pioneer shovel mounting bracket makes it easy to take this handy recovery/camping implement with you. The bracket mounts directly to the company’s Vortex crossbars or to any of its Pioneer load systems (racks and trays). Multiple fitment positions – thanks to the fact the bracket can be inverted – allows you to secure the shovel above or below the tray and well away from the roof. Add in a hinged design that means you can fit different shovel handles, plus the tough powdercoated steel construction, and you have no excuse to leave it behind. Fitment of the bracket takes around five minutes, and when you’re stuck in sand, snow or mud and need to dig deep to aid vehicle recovery, you’ll be glad your shovel can be easily accessed. The mounting bracket comes with a three-year warranty.

RRP: $79 Website:


THE revised Amarok has arrived, and TJM has wasted no time in producing an Airtec snorkel for the facelifted model’s TDV6 and TD4 engines. The snorkel is made from top-notch UV-resistant polyethylene that contains unique additives and a strong bonding process to ensure high levels of impact resistance – it’s fitted via stainless steel hardware. The Airtec snorkel retains its colour due to a process where the colour pigment is fused into the resin before the snorkel, which means the polymer is evenly saturated with the colour pigment. Not only upping water-crossing insurance, the snorkel disperses rain water via drain holes in the base of the air-ram section of the snorkel.

RRP: $413.60 (excluding freight and fitment) Website:


INCLUDING an accurate air-pressure gauge in your travel kit is a must, and ARB’s new digital tyre inflator fits the bill for those looking for accuracy and fast use. The unit’s display is big for optimum legibility, and you can set the display to your favoured unit of air pressure measurement (Bar, kpa, KgF or psi). ARB claims the inflator is accurate to +/-1psi across the 25-75psi range, and its maximum supply pressure is a lofty 350psi (approx. 2400Kpa). The supplied AA batteries offer a claimed 200-hour run-time, and there’s a handy battery capacity indicator to keep track of how much juice is left. The clip-on chuck attaches to the tyre valve quickly, while the 600m dual-swivel, PVC-coated, braided hose gives you enough length to easily access each tyre as you move around the vehicle.

Website: RRP: $79


CAR thieves are now able to gain entry to even the most technically advanced 4x4s via immobiliser modules and programs that can duplicate the encryption on your vehicle’s key. COP-LOCK, developed by a retired police officer and police prosecutor, steps back in time to the days of manual locking devices in a bid to discourage vehicle thieves. This simple mechanical locking set-up attaches to a vehicle’s brake or clutch pedal via its hardened steel ratchet system and lock – short of it being cut by an oxy-torch (or similar steel-cutting device), it’s close to indestructible. The COP-LOCK’s visibility from outside the vehicle can also potentially deter thieves who may view it as too difficult to break. For a small monetary outlay, the COP-LOCK offers great bang for your insurance bucks.



THIS aluminium drawer system is claimed to be one of the lightest on the market, and it also offers more internal storage space than similar-sized units. MSA 4x4 has patented this new storage drawer system, as it uses a bunch of new tech for optimum durability, top-notch build quality and ease-of-use. The system’s patented Pro-Glide technology provides smooth opening for load weights of up to 250kg per pair of drawers. It allows full access to the entire storage area. The open-stay block keeps the drawers open, while the locks ensure the drawers can’t be leveraged open by thieves. It’s got a cool LED strip light that sits flush. A raft of accessories (fridge slides, drop slides, fridge barriers) are available and it’s ADR compliant and covered by MSA 4x4’s Lifetime Guarantee.