REGARDLESS of how big a rig you own, cargo space is a premium. So, camping equipment that can perform double duties should be packed first, and there should always be room for camp essentials such as camp lighting.

Having a camp-lighting source that also recharges phones, iPads, iPods and other electronic gadgets is heaven.

The Nite Ize Radiant 300 (signifying 300-lumen light capacity) Rechargeable Lantern draws on the company’s lengthy experience producing innovative outdoor gear to produce a camp-light source that is robust (weather-resistant, and dropresistant to one metre), does the primary job it’s designed for, and can recharge said gadgets via two integrated USB ports (a micro port for charging the lantern; and a standard port for charging gadgets).

Add in its compact size (72x174mm), light weight (252g) and cool features such as a carry bag that doubles as a light diffuser, and the integrated carabiner for hanging at the top of the tent, a pole, or the back of your 4x4, and it’s hard to argue with the unit’s appeal.

The Radiant 300’s grunty 2600mAh battery is rechargeable via the USB port, but it’s worth noting it won’t take standard batteries if/when it does run out of juice, which means you’ll need to recharge it via your vehicle or portable power source. During the past couple of months of testing, the Radiant 300 has worked seamlessly; the 300-lumen output (on the High setting) is bright and lasts a claimed five hours. I have been switching between the High and Medium (20 hours at 75 lumens) settings and found it to last a weekend of camping without issue – I accidently left it out in a rainstorm for around 20 minutes, so I can also report its level of ‘weatherproofness’ isn’t too bad.

The light output at 75 lumens is more than adequate for around-camp duties.

And, yep, we’ve even managed to charge our daughter’s seriously over-worked iPod and it still had enough light ‘left over’ for another night before needing a recharge.

The Nite Ize Radiant 300 is an appealing addition to your camp gear-box. Whether it is your primary or secondary light source, it’s well worth a look.


AVAILABLE FROM: RRP: $108.95 WE SAY: Convenient, small, bright.