WORDS JUSTIN WALKER IRONMAN 4X4 has added to its number of outlets across Victoria and NSW with three new showrooms opening up. South Coast 4x4 and Outdoor Centre, Bega, and Hunter 4x4 Accessories, Maitland, are the two NSW showrooms, while 4x4 Extras in Kilmore adds to the aftermarket giant’s Victorian presence.

This impressive and continual growth is due to the ongoing interest in off-road touring, as well as consumers wanting a retail outlet that offers a wide range of accessories – plus the opportunity to see and check out the function of these before fitment to their vehicle. Even with the burgeoning off-road touring scene, the decision to expand is still a very considered one, with a lot of research needed before an outlet receives Ironman 4x4-brand approval, as Ironman 4x4’s Adam Craze explained.

“Our new stores are developed by our business development team,” Adam said. “We look for areas where we believe we need better representation in specific areas we have identified. Some new stores are existing distributors and others are brand new distributors. Our project team goes in and designs the store around the distributor’s building, from outside signage and internal shop fittings down to all the images and light boxes. Our ‘conversion to new store’ concept is highly successful and provides the customers a showroom that it is fully interactive, where the consumer can touch, feel and see all Ironman 4x4 products. If products require power, these are all wired up so they can be switched on.

“Once merchandised, the new stores have a grand opening supported by Ironman 4x4 and we make a full weekend out of it,” he said, pointing at the recent Hunter 4x4 Accessories opening weekend.

Ironman 4x4 is also busy looking ahead at more expansion. “Our new store roll-out calendar is booked up to about 12 months out and although we have more stores, we can only physically build so many per year,” he added.

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