JEEP’S factory accessories brand MOPAR has shown it’s getting serious about supplying kit for the new JL Wrangler. MOPAR wants a slice of the huge spend enthusiasts make on their Jeeps after they’ve left the showroom, and it displayed a couple of vehicles showcasing the products at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

“The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most versatile and customised vehicles in the industry,” said Pietro Gorlier, head of Parts and Service (MOPAR), FCA. “A total of 98 per cent of Jeep Wrangler vehicles are typically outfitted with at least one of our products.

“We worked with the Jeep brand, engineers and designers to create an exclusive line of parts and accessories that perfectly match the new Wrangler, delivering unique functionality, style and factory-backed quality.

“The two customised vehicles at LA showcase our new product portfolio and empower owners to personalise the new Jeep Wrangler for extreme off-roading or for all-purpose lifestyle adventures.”

Just how many of these factory-backed accessories will pass the nanny laws in Australia is yet to be revealed, but you can bet Australian enthusiasts will be looking to kit up their JLs as soon as they land here late in 2018. Worrying, though, are the reports that Australia will not be getting any manual gearbox-equipped Wrangler or the V8 turbo-diesel engine that is being offered in the USA.