The brains trust at EFS has just released a speccy 40mm bore XTR shock kit for Toyota’s Hilux (dual-cab and singlecab, 2005-2015). The kit allows for an increase in fluid volume which assists in preventing the build-up of heat in the shock, and the resultant fade that you can experience on rugged corrugated tracks. The shocks also feature Dynamic Motion Control Technology (DMCT), which alters the valve forces dependent on the velocity of the fluid as it travels through the piston valve. As oil speeds up through the valve, this technology slows that flow down for improved control in high-speed scenarios. When the oil is passing more slowly through the valve (during off-camber/slow-speed off-road conditions) it allows the oil through the valve at a higher volume to assist in suspension flex.

RRP: $269.50 each (XTR 40mm front strut); $180 each (XTR 40mm rear shocks absorbers)

Website: www.efs4wd.com.au