Ute owners know the feeling: hands full of gear, shopping or little ’uns and no way to lower your rig’s tailgate without letting it drop and potentially damage it. ARB’s new Tailgate Assist takes the worry out of that scenario by using two different types of struts to control the lowering of the tailgate. A damping strut ensures that the tailgate lowers at a controlled rate, while a gasassisted traction strut works to ensure you can easily close the tailgate with one hand if need be. ARB claims to have reduced the ‘feel’ of the tailgate by up to 50 per cent, making sure it takes minimal effort to open and close. The kit includes all vehiclespecific hardware and brackets, plus – if needed – ARB replaces the OE cabled or scissor-strap setup. A co-development with strut manufacturer Stabilus, the Tailgate Assist is a great solution to a problem you probably thought would never be solved.