Deep water crossings are one of the toughest challenges when driving off-road. Even with a snorkel fitted there’s still the chance water will enter the radiator and/or engine and cause a costly failure. The MSA 4X4 water bra can be fitted to any 4x4 vehicle and takes no more than 10 seconds to do so – very cheap and effective insurance against a costly engine or radiator repair or replacement. The water bra is made from tough 420-Denier PVCbacked Oxford nylon, and features 50mm side-straps and shock cord (there’s certainly no dangerous occy straps here!) for safe fitment. Fitment takes two people (one either side) and the bra is simply pulled over to cover the vehicle’s front, with the side straps hooked around the rear-view mirrors and then cinched down. A canvas carry bag is also included.

RRP: $149