For the ultimate fast-setup tent that can cater for larger families, the Oztent RX-5 is a no-brainer. The RX-5 features two rooms, as well as an awesome zip-in entry floor that encloses the entry area and keeps everything out of the weather. The floor is a heavy-duty, heat-sealed PVC tub setup. The RX-5 is made from Oztentís new ModCan material, which is highly fire-retardant, waterproof, UV-resistant, super-strong and light in weight. The RX-5 comes with an included fly to minimise the condensation on the main tent and also keep the main tent interior cooler in hot weather. The front entry section offers a height of up to two metres, and the entire floor space is 4600mm long x 2600mm wide by 2300mm at the tallest point. Weight is 25kg, which is pretty damn good considering the space on offer and the robust construction of the tent and its extruded aluminium frame.

Website: www.oztent.com