The Hema HX-1 and Explorer app are two of the best go-to GPS navigation solutions for planning that epic adventure and then getting out there to do it. Hema has just released a device update for the HX-1 that protects the unit against intermittent loss of the GPS signal, while also upping the already high level of navigation accuracy. As well as this update, Hema has made available a Topo update for Western Australia that can be used on both the HX-1 and Hemaís Explorer app. This complements the mapping already available and will add even more for those keen to explore our great western state. The topo map is provided under license to Hema by the WA Land Information Authority. When used in Explore mode, this new map covers zoom levels that equate to an approximate scale range of 1: 35,000,000 to 1: 18,000. Yep, thatís impressive.

Website: www.hemamaps.com.au