Narva has released a four-model range of awning lamps that are longer and narrower than previous versions, allowing for easier fitment into various sections of your campsite. The range kicks off with the 87792 model (includes a motion sensor), which measures 365mm x 49mm and has a light output courtesy of SMD LEDs (30 lux at two metres). It also has a low current draw (0.5A at 12V), a polycarbonate lens and an IP66 rating. You can also opt for the same model without the motion sensor. The 87794-12 uses six 0.5W LEDs (33 lux at two metres) and it measures 218mm x 44mm. The 12-24V 87796 is larger (332mm x 44mm) and uses 12 0.5W LEDs for a 65 lux at two metres light output, while retaining a low current draw of 0.50A at 12V or 0.25A at 24V. The top-end 12-24V 87798 model offers 130 lux of light at two metres, thanks to its 24 0.5W LEDs.