Patriot Campers continues to build on its Supertourer range, and now offers owners of the more popular 4x4 utes the Patriot Campers PCOR tray. The tray body is lightweight, tough aluminium, and includes 70 litres of water on-board, as well as central-locking on its rear drawer (on select models). There’s space for more gear in the side storage compartments and the fit and finish is exemplary. The headboard includes fuel and water fillers, and you can remove the tray’s folding aluminium sides for a lowprofile look. An OEM towbar still fit and the extrusion bed features tough material to cope with gear stowage and all associated scrapes and bumps. It’s a quality, versatile product.



The new Night Hawk nine-inch LED driving lights are a totally new development from Bushranger and are jam-packed with the latest and greatest lighting tech. Light output is 21,600 lumens (for a pair), and the design incorporates cooling ducts to funnel air to the heatsink to promote dissipation of heat from the LEDs. This allows the ATCS (Advanced Temperature Control System) to run the LEDs at maximum output through the monitoring and adjustment of output according to the external environment. Yep, they’re clever. There is also a brightness control function (via the relay-free VLI Series wiring system – RRP$89 for each light – which allows for easier wiring and fitment). There are two covers supplied with each light, allowing you to change the beam pattern from spot to spread. As you’d expect from a Bushranger product, these lights are uber-tough. RRP: $895 (pair); $447.50 (each)



For those off-road tourers after maximum communications range, the Cel-Fi GO Pack is ideal. It is designed to boost and distribute a weak 3G or 4G mobile signal in remote areas and features a 100dB of system gain. The unit supports voice and mobile internet for multiple mobile devices and minimises the chance of dropped calls or a slow internet connection. The 1200mm antenna is a GME AT4705B (698-960/1710-2170 MHz, 7/2.5dBi gain) and comes with a 4.8-metre low-loss coaxial cable. Also included is an adhesive internal antenna measuring three metres, and a 12V cigarette lighter DC lead of five metres. The system is locked to Telstra’s mobile network and has a band selection button, plus there’s a Bluetooth WAVE app for smartphones and PCs.

RRP $1165.95 Website:


Owners of Land Rover Discovery 4 vehicles can now fit an 18-inch wheelset to the big Brit off-roader. Up until now it has not been possible to fit any wheel sizes other than those from 19-inch and above, due to the size of the D4’s front brake calipers. This has meant anyone keen to fit off-road rubber to their D4 has to put up with the fact those tyres that were suitable had less sidewall flex than desired for off-road conditions, due to their lower profile/height. Moab has designed this 18-inch wheel specifically to clear the caliper, meaning D4 owners can now choose from a wider variety of off-road rubber to fit the wheels and thus gain a bit more sidewall height. The wheels have a 980kg load rating, a 44mm offset and meet international standards.

RRP: $550 each (free delivery Australia-wide)



High-end radio manufacturer Icom has released a new VHF marine transceiver. The IC-M330GE includes an inbuilt GPS receiver (an IC-M330E, without GPS receiver, is also available) a clear full dot-matrix display, hand mic, new speakers for clear audio, an inbuilt Cass D DSC that monitors CH70 continuously (even when receiving another channel), and is IPX7 waterproof. The unit is compact – 156.5mm wide x 66.5mm high and 110mm deep – so is ideal for watercraft with limited cabin space. The user interface is straightforward and is a combo of soft keys and directional keypad. The IC-M330GE (and E) also features AquaQuake, which prevents the audio being affected even when the speaker is waterlogged. It’s available in black or white.



One of the great historical stories of the past two centuries, the April 1789 mutiny on the HMS Bounty is recreated by renowned Australian author Peter Fitzsimons. The author recounts the events preceding the mutiny in exacting detail, as well as the mutiny itself and both Bligh’s and the mutineers’ (led by Fletcher Christian and accompanied by Tahitian men and women, as well as the crew members) journeys after that event. The mutineers eventually settled on previously undiscovered Pitcairn Island; their descendants reside there today. It’s a cracking yarn as usual from Fitzsimons, filled with drama and intrigue that sees the reader come to respect all parties involved in the mutiny and its aftermath.

RRP: $50 (hardcover); $20 (ebook); $40 (audiobook)



Frontier tanks are designed to increase the fuel capacity of your vehicle, by replacing the original equipment with a seamless, one-piece tank that is shaped to fit within the existing voids on the underbody of the vehicle. These tanks are tough, too, thanks to the use of crosslink polymer construction. This is a lightweight material that is designed to flex under impact rather than puncturing. With a wall thickness of 8mm, the Frontier is incredibly durable and is a full replacement system, meaning you don’t have to rely on dual fillers or a fuel transfer setup. The Frontier tank for the Sport offers a claimed 58 per cent increase in capacity for Mitsubishi’s popular midsizer, bringing total capacity up to 100 litres.



The team at Sherpa 4x4 has been at it again, producing another top-notch product in this snatch block. The snatch block can be used with both synthetic and cable winch lines (although care needs to be taken when using it with synthetic ropes, as there is potential for the rope to be pinched between the pulley and plate). Compatible ropes/ cables are 5/16-inch to half-inch. The snatch block is suited to a 10,000kg load and is of a heavy-duty scissor design. It includes a grease nipple for easy relubrication of the spindle when necessary. The design itself is simple to ensure it is close to bombproof when in use and for maintenance out in the field (or at home), and the tough powdercoating also reflects that focus on durability. Plus, there’s a handy carry bag.

RRP: $69 Website:


Narva continues to produce excellent lighting products, with its latest Ultima 180 LED. As the moniker suggests, the Ultima 180 is a more compact sibling to the Ultima 215 and measures 180mm in diameter, making it ideal for fitment when space is an issue. The hybrid beam pattern punches out a white light (5700K) with an output of 22,000 raw lumens that throws a beam of light up to 600 metres (at 1 Lux; when used as a pair). Each light has 25 5W XP-G2 Cree LEDs with polished aluminium metalised reflectors. The housing is die-cast aluminium with an ‘Active Thermal Management System’ to ensure the lights run brighter for longer. There’s also a breather vent, and they’re rated to IP66 and IP67 for proof against water and dust ingress. The kit comes with all the gear you need to fit the lights, and there’s a five-year warranty.



PWR has engineered the world’s first direct replacement performance-focused intercooler for Toyota’s Land Cruiser 200 Series. The intercooler is an engineering work of art and features CNC billet machined tanks, PWR’s Formula 1 Core Technology, a twin thermo fan kit and it all fits neatly under the big Cruiser’s bonnet. So what that means is there’s no need to cut into the bonnet or add a bonnet scoop, the unit is a direct bolt-on jobbie making for a simple but super-effective fitment that will add plenty of grunt to that 4.5-litre twin-turbo V8 diesel donk.

RRP: $3895 Website:


Highly regarded diesel fuel injection gurus, Cornell Diesel Systems, uses the Steinbauer Power Module to up the performance of a common rail diesel donk. The Steinbauer module differs from other units that rely on ‘remapping’ of the engine’s injection parameters. Instead, the Steinbauer operates independently of the vehicle’s electronics via its unique plug connection. This offers all the benefits of improved grunt by optimising the main injection setup but with no negatives. There is no change in fuel pressure when the module is fitted and, if you decide to do so, you can remove the unit and the engine reverts to the factory standard settings – there is no electric ‘footprint’ left behind. The Steinbauer Power Module is available for a number of popular 4x4 vehicles and comes with a three-year extended warranty. Web: