MITSUBISHI CEO Trevor Mann has dispelled rumours that a new Pajero could be developed on the Nissan Y62 Patrol chassis, saying the Patrol/Armada is a bigger vehicle than the Pajero. Mitsubishi is part of an alliance with Nissan/ Renault, so the Patrol link-up was considered a possibility by many pundits. Noting the Pajero’ strong heritage and Dakar successes, Mann said a new model is still something Mitsubishi would like to do as the company builds SUV arsenal, but the brand has not yet made a decision.

He also noted that sales of large 4x4 SUVs are in decline, making it harder to make a case to develop a new model; meeting global emissions regulations for such vehicles is also getting harder. In Australia, Mitsubishi continues to sell the full-size Pajero wagon, which is built on a unique monocoque chassis with independent suspension, and the smaller, Tritonbased Pajero Sport.