IRONMAN 4X4 finished off 2018 – the year of its 60th anniversary – as it started, producing a number of accessories for just-released 4x4 vehicles (in this case, the updated Ford twins: Ranger and Everest). The company also announced more stores, with an impressive 18 new Ironman 4x4 showrooms – in mainly regional areas – opening their doors in 2018, including the most recent at Port Macquarie and Gosford, in NSW (pictured). This expansion has been a direct result of regional and rural customers asking for easier access to Ironman 4x4 products, reflecting the regard in which the company’s gear is viewed by the off-road touring community.

The fact that any company can expand its reach to consumers at such a fast rate is incredible, but it proves the team at Ironman 4x4 – including owner Tom Jacob, Adam Craze and Kristian Ristell – know their market back-to-front. The example of the GVM upgrade for the only-just-released MY19 Ford Ranger (complete with Federal Government approval) shows how quickly and effectively the Ironman development team react to market developments, whether from vehicle manufacturers or consumers.

As well as the local market, Ironman 4x4 continues its global expansion with business ‘hubs’ in Thailand, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and South Africa, with a flow-on supply to retailers operating in more than 160 countries.

Ironman 4x4 has always been focused on producing affordable and effective aftermarket equipment, and that ethos seems to be working a treat if the company’s gangbuster 2018 is any indication.