Let there be light! ARB’s new Pureview 800 punches out a massive 800 lumens and throws it up to 300m. The flashlight has four modes (high, low, medium and strobe) and is IP5 dust-, mud- and water-resistant, all in a tough casing. There is a hidden micro-USB charge port and a charge indicator, along with a lanyard and magnetic belt pouch. The Pureview weighs 400g (515g with pouch) and measures 150mm long, 40mm wide and 35mm deep. The flashlight runs on a 2600amp/h Li-ion battery, with a seven-hour run-time on Low (four hours on medium; 1.5 hours on high) and takes up to four hours to be fully recharged. With its compact size and that much lighting grunt, it’s a must-have. Website:


The new parabolic springs from Terrain Tamer are the result of extensive research and development, combined with the use of the latest in steel technology. Terrain Tamer parabolic springs offer a number of advantages over standard multi-leaf spring setups, with fewer leaves (two or three) that feature a parabolic taper (thicker in the centre and becoming thinner toward each end). This allows each leaf to act independently for enhanced flexibility in operation, without sacrificing loadcarrying capacity. Another benefit of the parabolic system is less inter-leaf friction than standard multi-leaf jobbies and, thanks to no contact between each leaf, the chance of rust, noise and unwanted stiffness is reduced. Add in a 500kg load rating combined with a softer, quieter ride and you’ve got a very attractive offering from the gurus at Terrain Tamer. Website:


The new SmartCharge from Redarc is an AC to DC battery charger designed to charge most 12V auto starter and auxiliary batteries (including lithium). The SmartCharge is available in four variants – 4, 6, 8 and 10A – for the charging of vehicle, bike and boat batteries, as well as power sources used in caravans and camper trailers. The SmartCharge recognises the battery type it is connected to and tweaks its own charging process to suit that battery’s charge status, ambient temp and size. The SmartCharge range is shock- and spark-proof, and it is reverse-polarity protected. There’s only one on/off switch, making it super easy to use, and there’s an integrated cable storage solution so you don’t have cables messily piled up when not in use. The SmartCharge range is IP65-rated for use in damp and outdoor environments, and it comes with a fiveyear warranty.



Thunder’s latest model in its lighting range comprises two driving lights with 30 LEDs (220mm) or 18 LEDs (170mm). Featuring Cree XTE tech, the lights offer a beam of light measuring up to 690m in length, with the white light output within the 6000k colour temp range for clarity and to reduce impact on your eyes. The lights feature a gunmetal grey powder-coated finish and are built tough, too, offering an IP67 water- and dust-ingress rating that ensures desert travel and any water crossings can be dispatched with little concern for these front-mounted candles. Installing the lights is a doddle thanks to the included Deutsch connectors and hardware. The lights are suitable for a range of 10-32V applications.

RRP: $299 (30 LED); $251 (18 LED)



The all-new Titan Tray from Rola is lightweight and includes unique design features that provide excellent strength and durability. The Titan Tray features a mitred corner design and reinforced panels that are 1.5 times stronger than previously for a claimed carrying capacity up to 300kg (dependent on vehicle roof-weight limit). The accessory channels allow users to customise the tray to suit requirements by adding a wide range of Rola (and other popular branded) accessories, such as awnings, and shovel and jerrycan holders. The slide-in mounting brackets can be placed between any plank on the tray for attaching to most popular roof-racks with an accessory channel. The Titan Tray is available in four sizes. RRP: From $499



This new remote power solution from Dometic is built tough and light, coming in at around one-third the weight of a glass solar panel of an equivalent size. The PSB150 uses C60 SunPower monocrystalline cells and has an EFTE antireflective and scratch-resistant coating, ensuring it is up to the task of bush travel power-ups. The PSB150 has six different battery charge types – AGM, GEL, Wet, Lithium Iron Phosphate, Calcium and LTO – and features an inbuilt LCD screen that displays charging current, voltage, charge capacity, fault codes and the type of battery being charged. Also included is a five-metre cable, Anderson connector, alligator clips and a handy carry bag. The unit has protection systems that cover reverse polarity, over-voltage and over-heating. It is rated to IP65 for dust resistance and water splashes.



Yakima’s LockN’Load Platform roof racks have proved durable and versatile, and now you can add even more versatility to this load-carrying system with Yakima’s Side Rail perimeter rail kits. The great thing with these kits is the side rails can be mounted on both the core and the edges of the Platform. The side rails have been designed to match perfectly with the Platform aesthetic, and there are six sizes available to fit any of the LockN’Load Platform’s four sides. The inbuilt channels on the rails allow for multiple mounting accessory options (such as securing a jerrycan, etc.), so you can fit more than one to the Platform if that suits your accessory mount requirements. As you’d expect from Yakima, the side rails are built super tough and have been tested and approved as a ratchet-strap tie-down point.

RRP: $159



This new uber-tent from Black Wolf (BW) is ideal for the large camping family, with three rooms and enough space for up to 10 people (it measures six metres in length). As per the rest of the BW Tuff Tent range, this model is built tough and light (for its capacity) at 23kg. The heavy-duty 150-denier polyester fly combines with the 300D polyester floor, beefy 19mm steel poles and numerous guy ropes to make this bush accommodation option able to cop plenty of wild weather and keep everyone inside dry and sheltered. On top of that, the floor is tape seam-sealed (as is the fly). For warmer conditions the tent has plenty of ventilation, with the gusseted windows (all include no-see-um mesh) so they can be kept open even during heavy rain. The three rooms are separated via curtain dividers (these can be rolled back for a more open space). Website:


Opposite Lock’s Urban Adventure Bar is a full bumper replacement, meaning no cuts to your existing front bumper, and it also includes 30W auxiliary floodlights as standard. Other standard kit includes extra auxiliary lighting mounting points and a matte black powder-coated finish. The bar includes triple underbody plates, increased approach angles and a low-mount winch provision that fits to the vehicle’s chassis. Like all Opposite Lock engineered and developed bullbars, the Urban Adventure bar is ADR and SRS Airbag compliant and has a two-year warranty. Additional features that maintain the functionality of your rig include tech pack and parking sensor compatibility, hinged number plate brackets and optional colour coding if you want to match it to your vehicle.



Barry Stone gives us a cracking read about the early settlers who decided to establish the first livestock properties in Australia. These pioneers turned inland to realise their dreams of creating a life for themselves and, in the process, created Australia’s powerful pastoral industry that put ‘the lucky country’ on the international trading map. The author has used diaries, old newspapers and personal journals to create this book, revealing the stories – the sad, the tragic and the triumphant – behind those old windmills, tumbleddown stonewall fences and sand-filled old homesteads we see as we tour through this country. A great read about a sometimes forgotten part of Australia’s colonial history.

RRP: $30 Website:


The Carbon Offroad Monkey Fist 12mm Dyneema soft shackle is rated at a 14-tonne minimum breaking strain and, with a super heavy-duty braided tight sheath over the Dyneema core, is built to take some abuse. The oversized Monkey Fist knot ensures zero chance of the shackle coming apart during a recovery. Plus, the removal of a solid metal item ups the safety aspect of the process itself. Disassembly of the shackle after load is applied is just as easy if not easier than a steel shackle. The soft shackle is considerably lighter than its metal equivalent, doesn’t sacrifice any performance, is highly corrosion-resistant and is more ‘flexible’ in use. It’s a no-brainer to go the soft option. Website:


Made using top-notch premium-grade materials, Ironman 4x4’s new Premium Commercial Deluxe bullbar for the 2010-onwards Y62 Nissan Patrol is a true work of metallurgical art. SPHC oil and pickled steel (not mild steel) finished off with 360-degree robotic welds is used to ensure optimum strength and rust-resistance. Further enhancing strength, the bar’s upper loop is heavy-duty 60.3mm tubular steel. The bar is finished in black powder-coat and Ironman 4x4 has used AKZO NOBEL powder which ensures a thicker, more durable exterior coating for the bar. The bar is winch-compatible and uses a unique mount cradle to eliminate excess weight. There is provision for OE parking sensors, plus it includes a high-lift jack point, aerial mount and provision for fitment of spotties or a light bar. The bullbar is airbag-compatible and ADR compliant.