Drawing on the classic lines and proven design of a traditional Prospector canoe, the Silverbirch Broadland is the ideal all-rounder for families and waterborne adventurers, with a large load capacity and ample manoeuvrability. The Broadland measures 16ft (4877mm) and can be paddled solo or tandem thanks to the symmetrical hull and unique rocker profile. A family of two adults/two kids could comfortably load all their gear in for a few days of paddle-based camping (and fishing). The Broadland is available in two three-layer materials – Duracore and Duralite – the latter 5kg lighter than the former, and the choice of vinyl or timber gunwales. There is also a Highline version with higher sides for additional freeboard and more challenging white-water trips.

RRP: from $1850



These roll-top waterproof duffels are the ideal gear luggers for when you’re on the water, or for throwing up on the roof rack (or in the ute bed) thanks to the full protection they offer against water, dirt and dust ingress. The waterproof/dustproof levels (Class 3 IP66) are achieved via the fold seal system used on the main opening of the bag, as well as the highfrequency welded seams. The robust outer is a combination of nylon/cotton shell on the outside and a bonded internal PVC tarpaulin. The front zip pocket is also waterproof (Class 2 IP65), and there is a quick-release loop for fast access to the main compartment. The duffels are available in 40-, 60and 130-litre capacities. There are two reflective strips, four D-rings for attaching items, an internal wet/dry pocket, and a top carry handle with hook-and-loop fasteners.



This second edition of Hema’s guidebook to 100 of Australia’s best off-road journeys features all-new cartographic map specs, elevation profiles of tracks, an easier-to-read layout and design, detailed inset maps, and edge-to-edge mapping. The hefty tome measures 215mm x 297mm and is spiral bound. Australia is a bloody big country, so it’s a bloody big book, clocking in at 420 pages. This guide is nothing if not thorough in its coverage of the 100 adventures included. Some of the other handy features include the colour-coding of tracks to vehicle types, and all the latest info on the nearest supply points and camping areas. There are also a number of insets dealing with the particular track’s history, making this guidebook essential for any off-road explorer.

RRP: $69.95



ARB has released a new incarnation of its Intensity light, dubbed the V2, and it comes with a raft of improvements over the previous-gen light. The single 32 spot now pushes out a beam to 795m (up 35 per cent on the previous model); the single 32 flood to 677m; the single 21 spot now reaches 693m (a 35 per cent increase); and the single 21 flood – like its 32 spot sibling – has up to 18m spread on each side. The Intensity V2 light temp is now warmer – at 5700 Kelvin colour temp – which helps reduce eye strain. Construction is high-pressure cast aluminium body, with a polycarbonate lens and polycarbonate protective cover. The Intensity V2 is submersible up to a depth of three metres and is rated to IP68 for dust and water ingress. ARB claims a 50,000-hour lifespan.



Ironman 4x4 has released a new bullbar for the recently facelifted Toyota Hilux (2018-onwards). The bar is built using premium-grade material such as SPHC oil and pickled steel (not mild steel), all joined via 360-degree robotic welds to ensure this piece of frontal protection equipment is up for anything. Using these materials also makes it highly rust-resistant. The bar was scanned using 3D technology to ensure a correct fit to the front of the Hilux, and it’s ADR compliant and airbag compatible. You can fit a winch via the bar’s unique mounting cradle that has been designed to remove unwanted weight from the bar. The bar’s black powder-coating is AkzoNobel for a more robust and smoother finish. There are spot and light-bar mount points, recessed LED parker and indicator lights, provision for an aerial, and an integrated high-lift jack point.



For nearly a century John Cann’s family ran a famous snake show at La Perouse, in Sydney. This book, co-written with journo Jimmy Thomson, details Cann’s amazing upbringing and includes the 45 years he and his brother George ran his parents’ snake show. By the time he’d retired in 2010, Cann had survived five venomous snake bites. Besides wrangling some of the world’s most poisonous reptiles Cann was also an Olympic athlete, state representative rugby league player and state boxer, as well as a world authority on turtles (the Cann’s snake-necked turtle is named after him). He was even awarded an OAM in 1992 in recognition of his community and conservation work. The book is a brilliant read, following Cann on his many adventures in Australia and through the PNG jungle.

RRP: $33



This multi-voltage power pack is ideal for charging DSLR cameras, laptops, smartphones and other devices that run off 5V to 19V power. The Mini-G’s prodigious grunt comes via an inbuilt 12,000mAh lithium battery. The Mini-G includes one DC input, one DC output (12V, 16V and 19V), a dual-USB output (5V 2A/1A), an easy-to-read LCD screen, one international 19V AC mains charger and one-touch button technology. You can also daisy-chain it with other Mini-Gs. Its case is dustand waterproof and measures 158mm x 237mm x 80mm and weighs just 323g. Use is intuitive; once you select the correct voltage requirement for your device the LCD displays the chosen voltage, then you just plug it in and power up.



The Mojito Hike GTX is the ideal all-round boot for any outdoor escapade, as it’s not too heavy on your feet and it showcases all that Scarpa is famous for in tough footwear. The Mojito Hike GTX has an upper section made from 1.8mm water-resistant suede and a to-the-toe lacing system, similar to a rock-climbing shoe. This extended lacing system enables plenty of adjustment for fit, allowing all shapes and sizes to be comfortable. The Salix sole is grippy and tough, with just enough cushioning to ensure you don’t get sore feet after a few hours exploring. Add in the Flex-Point ankle section Scarpa claims allows for a more ‘natural’ ankle movement and you’re all good to go. Available in men’s and women’s versions.

RRP: $329.95



This compact and tough UHF features 80-channel scanning capability and a backlit LED display and keypad for ease of use. The Thunder 5W features digital selective calling, an external speaker jack (for when you want to boost the already impressive volume capacity), and a robust 75cm 5dB antenna that includes a 35mm black stainless steel barrel spring. Outstanding performance with a massive 18km range combined with a sleek, unobtrusive mount for modern vehicles is ideal for the adventurer. For what it lacks in size, the radio packs a punch with a built-in loud speaker housed by a durable case. The compact size makes the radio very easy to mount, and that 18km range means there’s no need to constantly worry about how close you are to your fellow travellers’ vehicle when you’re on the way to your campsite. There is digital selective calling and a quickrelease cradle as well.

RRP: $588



You don’ have to sacrifice function for a lighter weight and more compact size with the Primus Kinjia. The Kinjia weighs in at 4kg and measures 295mm wide, 475mm deep and is only 78mm in height, making it ideal for both lightweight fanatics and those who have limited cargo space in their rig. This stove includes two burners and runs off canister gas stoves (100g, 230g and 450g), which are connected via a flexible gas hose and, thanks to their size, help keep the whole camp cooking package smaller than average without sacrificing burner efficiency. The drip tray and grids can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance and the stove is built to last. The compact size doesn’ mean you have to shrink your pots and pans, either; a regular pot and pan fit side-by-side on the stove. Get cooking!



This kinetic recovery rope from the team at Carbon Offroad is a nylon (polyamide) double-braided core and sheath rope that is treated with a coating of the core and sheath fibre to produce a claimed 15 per cent increase in abrasion resistance over rope without that coating. The rope has an average diameter of 24mm, a breaking strain in excess of 12,000kg, and a weight of 378g per metre. In short (excuse the pun) it’ lightweight but super strong. Braiding a dynamic fibre, such as nylon, into a rope means the more load you place on the rope, the more stretch you will get – ideal for those rope-based recoveries – but without the vehicle copping too much shockloading during the process. Carry bag is included.



Yakima continues to punch out top-notch gear for its highly regarded Lockn’ Load Platform roof-rack system, with this new jerrycan holder the latest piece of kit in the ever expanding range of accessories. The holder has been specifically designed for the Lockn’ Load Platform and can be used to store 10- and 20-litre jerries. The holder can be used with either plastic or metal jerrycans and features a robust powdercoated finish to ensure it is up to the roughest treatment when out bush. Included with the kit are the holder and a ratchet strap. Another nifty design idea for this holder is the low height of the base cage; this allows for easier loading which is always welcome when you’ re trying to wrestle 10 or 20kg of full jerrycan up onto the roof.

RRP: $129