ARB has come up with a great solution to cater for the myriad ways in which off-road tourers set their vehicle’s cargo area up for storage. This mid-height drawer covers those who cannot fit a full-height drawer in their rig, but are after more storage height than low-height drawers. With 105mm of in-draw height, the new ARB mid-height drawer is the perfect solution. It is available in three lengths – 945mm, 1045mm, 1355mm – and accommodates the full range of vehicles ARB builds drawers for. The drawers bolt in easily and include a roller floor that allows for fast access to anything stored on top of the drawer. Both the drawer and the roller floor feature aluminium drawer runners for optimum durability.



This compact, high-output jump starter is designed to safely jump-start a dead battery in a high-displacement petrol or diesel engine (up to 8.0-litre and 6.0-litre respectively) in seconds. The GB70 weighs just over 2kg and its light weight and small size makes it ideal for storing permanently in your 4x4. The GB70 adds the convenience of USB out/in and 12V out/in terminals so you can charge your phone or tablet, lights, and more. NOCO claims up to 40 jump starts per charge and it features spark-proof and reverse polarity protection. Charging times are a claimed 15 minutes when charging a battery that is dead flat (zero charge) for a jump-start, and you can have the vehicle battery fully charged in a claimed time of just over two hours. Impressive stuff.



When World War I started, 129 women were registered as medical practitioners in Australia, with many of them keen to contribute their skills and expertise to the war effort. The leaders of the Australian military thought the concept of women on the battlefront was unthinkable, but that didn’t stop around 24 Aussie female doctors from heading to the front. This book from Heather Sheard and Ruth Lee recounts the many stories of Aussie women serving as surgeons, medical officers and anaesthetists during the years of 191419. Despite saving hundreds of lives, there is little mention of this in official military records (UK and Aus). From the Eastern to Western Fronts, to Malta, and to London, the often horrific conditions (and injuries) are revealed, along with the heroism of all of those involved. It’s a great read.

RRP: $35 Website:


Ironman 4x4’s new kinetic snatch rope measures nine metres in length and is 22mm thick. The use of kinetic rope means there is a smoother, more gradual build-up and release of kinetic energy during a recovery situation, making it more effective than conventional webbing recovery straps. The rope is designed to stretch up to 30 per cent (most traditional webbing recovery straps only stretch up to 20 per cent) and has a rated 9500kg minimum breaking strength. The rope is manufactured with high-strength nylon 66 (polyamide) double braid cover with an abrasion-resistant core. The eyelets are coated with reinforced polyurethane for ultimate strength, and durability and there’s also a polyester protective sleeve. The rope comes in a handy carry bag, too.



The Sombra Shelter’s heavy-duty canopy features a UPF 50+ rating and is designed to offer plenty of shade and sun protection when camping. The unique design (available in two sizes) offers ample shade (up to 20 square metres in the case of the 450 model) and some rain protection without sacrificing ventilation (you can purchase an additional side panel as well). The tough 150-denier polyester fabric will last years and is held in shape via BlackWolf’s custom 19mm Tuff steel poles, which offer high durability. Setting up is quick and it packs down nice and compact.

RRP: $400 (Sombra Shelter 300); $500 (Sombra Shelter 450) Website:


MSA 4x4 has been busy working on these new towing/driving mirrors, designed to offer excellent rearward vision when towing a camper or caravan. They can also be kept on the vehicle even when you’re not towing, without the handicap of adding extra width to your vehicle. The mirrors’ design revolves around a large single mirror that pivots on an extra heavy-duty slide that enables you to return the mirror to its non-towing position (and thus narrower overall vehicle width). Features include four different mirror positions: unextended horizontal and unextended vertical when not towing, and extended horizontal and vertical when towing. Pretty damn clever and it also saves the hassle of having to always fit and then remove additional mirrors when needed for towing purposes. The mirrors are easy to fit, are ADR compliant and come with a five-year warranty.



The Yampa 105 (also available in 35L and 70L variants) is the ideal go-anywhere, take-any-punishment bag for off-road tourers and those who get out on the water. The Yampa has waterproof-sealed seams and waterproof zips to ensure no dust or moisture ingress, while the waterproof TPU-coated nylon material is super robust. There’s a heavy-duty base for increased resistance against dragging, sharp surfaces and other impacts, and the duffle also has an in-built backpack harness (with neoprene shoulder pads and an airflow back pad) that makes for convenient carrying. The nylon buckles are equally tough, while the reflector strips help to spot it during nights at camp when you’re searching for gear. Another handy feature is the bright interior – perfect for being able to see what’s inside. Also included are a number of different handles, some interior pocket sections and tough tie-down points for securing the bag up on the roof-rack.

RRP: $499.95



The all-new Fulton XL T Winch range provides premium performance for marine and recreational trailers at an affordable price. Available in four sizes from single speed through to two-speed, and rated from 680kg to 1450kg, there is an XL T Winch to suit most boat trailers. The winch features a stamped carbon steel frame and the internals have a Z-Max 600 zinc coating for corrosion resistance. The single-speed XL Winch features an efficient gear ratio, full-length drum bearings, oil-impregnated shaft bushings and an eight-inch ‘comfort grip’ handle for ease of cranking. The two-speed winch has a special shift lock design which lets you change gears without having to move the handle. Comes with a five-year warranty.

RRP: From $149

Ph: 1800 812 017


The team at Sherpa 4x4 has done it again with the Brumby winch, a 10,000lb-rated high-speed jobbie that offers a line speed of more than 15 metres per minute. The grunty electric motor pumps out an impressive 8.9hp and, when combined with a new gearbox ratio, is ideal for those fast recoveries, heavy-duty use and also for off-road competition work. The winch features Albright International electrics, so it’s reliable (reflected in the excellent five-year warranty). The Sherpa 4x4 team performs rigorous testing of all its winches (including high-current tests, water permeation tests, loadtesting of the gearbox, etc.) and have carved an excellent reputation in the off-road scene.

RRP: $1199



This wireless control system is ideal for those looking to throw on extra lights or 12-volt accessories to their vehicle. The Six Shooter’s control box features two 30amp, two 10amp and two five-amp circuits, and there’s a remote switch pad that can be used from inside the cabin or outside your rig (so no wiring through the firewall is needed). The kit comes with complete wiring and can be either mounted in the engine bay or outside, thanks to its waterproof/fire-resistant case. All fuses are in-built, while the 12 to 24V out has waterproof connectors. The RF remote has a replaceable battery and a 12V hard-wired option. You can also control it via a tablet/smartphone app, which offers a straightforward interface and customisation. Being able to remotely activate installed accessories on your vehicle has never been so easy! It comes with a threeyear warranty.



Terrain Tamer continues to produce top-end gear, and the latest is its innovative new range of heavy duty hub seals. Most seals traditionally feature a rubber lip design, but this can cause wear on rotating metal surfaces (think: shafts and spindles) which can create a groove that, in turn, allows grit and water in as well as allowing oil to leak out, with the potential to cause damage. Using its own unique tooling, Terrain Tamer has tackled this problem with this new heavy duty seal range, which instead rotates on its own internal surface without relying on the condition of the shaft, thus eliminating wear on other components and extending seal life. Each heavy duty seal contains four internal sealing surfaces and utilises a labyrinth construction to assist in the prevention of oil and lubrication fluid loss. It also helps protect against dirt/grit ingress, making them ideal for all off-road conditions. Terrain Tamer’s heavy duty seals are now available for a growing range of vehicles, both as an individual seal and as part of the new Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Bearing Kits.



Yakima’s new HoldUp EVO is an update to the Yank icon’s HoldUp, a favourite with cyclists keen to transport bikes securely without damage. The HoldUp EVO has been designed to accommodate the latest-gen bikes along with the myriad wheel sizes and suspension set-ups. The EVO is compatible with a 50mm hitch and fits bikes with a wheelbase up to 1220mm. The HoldUp EVO can handle wheels ranging in size from 20-inch to 29ers, and can fit fat-bike tyres up to 4.8 inches in width. The HoldUp’s party trick is its StrongArm hooks that secure a bike via its wheels.

RRP: $669