THE CAMP chair has always been an awkward shape to stow in a fourbie; some fold up better than others, but in most cases youíre left with an object thatís either too long or too to pack easily into the limited space available.

Enter Front Runnerís Expander camp chair. The chairís strong construction can hold a hefty 115kg, with a base that sits 430mm from the dirt and a reasonable width of 500mm. Plus, it weighs in at just four kilograms. Whatís more impressive is that it collapses to 1/16 of its original size, making it an ideal option for spacechallenged interiors, roof racks, camper trailers or caravan boots.

RATED AVAILABLE FROM: www.frontrunneroutfitters.com

RRP: $125

WE SAY: Easy set-up; comfortable; clever design.

Set-up is relatively easy: slide the chair out of its (optional) carry bag, release the Velcro straps and place it vertically on the ground with one foot on the base bars, then pull up gently to raise the frame to its normal height. Take hold of the two wings on either side of the chair frame and move them out and up in a smooth arc, so they are now positioned at the top of the chair. Hold the chairís frame (below the wings) and spread them sideways to open the chair to full width. The material attached between the wings now forms the backrest of the chair, which can be easily folded backward into position.

Yes, it all sounds very confusing, but after a few runs youíll be whipping the chairs up and down as fast as you can pop open a deck chair.

Due to its compact size the chair can live in the fourbie, so itís also a winner as a BYO chair to a barbecue, outdoor concert or a day at the beach.

As a driver of a compact two-door 4WD, I could easily fit two camp chairs neatly in the footwell behind the driverís seat and recover the space normally allocated in the cargo area.

The Expander is also comfortable Ö unless you happen to be super-sized yourself (more than 115kg), in which case youíll want to choose a larger chair to ensure your camping comfort.