WE’RE ALWAYS told an aftermarket upgrade to suspension and upping GVM is essential for any tourer with their eyes on the Red Centre or the tip of Cape York, but an upgrade also makes perfect sense for the runabout work ute loaded with tools and equipment grind. The problem is we rarely get the chance to see exactly how much improvement quality aftermarket kit actually makes to a vehicle.

Pedders Suspension saw fit to remedy this by holding the ‘Sandown Safety Week’ at Sandown Raceway in Springvale, Victoria, an event held to provide its sales staff and franchise owners - a couple of sales staff were even flown in from its European distributors - with first-hand experience of its new product, so that they could pass on the good news to clients.

To do this Pedders set up five different stations around Sandown racetrack: Emergency Braking, Slalom Stability, Double Lane Change, Corner Braking and Rough Track (a dirt track with sharp corrugations). Three vehicles were at each station, all set up slightly differently: OE, OE laden and a laden vehicle equipped with Pedders gear. This gave those in attendance the opportunity to drive a bone-stock vehicle back-to-back with a bone-stock vehicle loaded with ballast to within 400kg of its GVM limit. Following these test runs, a Pedders-equipped vehicle loaded with the same weight was then let loose to highlight the benefits the equipment makes.

Vehicles loaded with tools and/or enough gear to last weeks and months beyond the black stump often infringe on a vehicle’s GVM capacity, with some punters even unaware of the weight they’re iMmposing on their vehicles. The Pedders GVM+ kit helps alleviate this issue.

Each Pedders vehicle was equipped with a Pedders GVM+ Kit, which comprises Pedders’ TrakRyder foam cell shock absorbers (front and rear), heavy-duty coil springs (front), TrakRyder rear leaf springs, upgraded shackles and U-bolts, and urethane bushes.

Let’s take a closer look at each station.