FOLD-DOWN tables hanging off rear doors are nothing new. Many punters make their own, with the DIY route saving them money and producing a superior product to suit oneís needs. I was going to make a fold-down table for the rear barn door of my Troopy - a couple of sheets of timber or sheetmetal, some hinges or one long piano-style hinge, a couple of lengths of cable or chain, and presto, youíve got yourself a table. A few screws later and the whole shebang will be hanging off your door ready for service.

RATED AVAILABLE FROM: www.frontrunneroutfitters.com/en/au

RRP: $180

WE SAY: Well-priced; stable; ample space.

I was going to, but I havenít got around to it yet (really, I was). That was until I spotted the Front Runner drop-down table which incorporates a slide-out table, effectively (almost) doubling the table surface area. I may have taken the easy way out by buying instead of making, but this kit ended up costing not much more than all the parts Iíd need for a DIY job; plus it has the extra slide-out table.

The kit offers a downward-folding metal table that is kept (vertically) in place via two spring-loaded retaining clips. Once lowered, two plastic-coated stainless steel cables keep the table horizontal, ready for immediate use and preventing sausages from rolling into the dirt. That initial table top measures 665mm wide by 300mm deep - not huge, but very useable - and is a black, powdercoated steel unit, making it easy for cleaning.