PATIENCE is a virtue, but impatience gets you places faster Ö for better or worse. In the case of accessing your modern, electronically-controlled, drive-by-wire 4x4ís power, there is plenty hidden beneath the shiny bonnet; so, why does it take so long to be served to the driven wheels?

Lag. Yep, delays, lulls, even a hiatus from the time you stomp your right foot to the time needed to use your neck muscles to forcefully hold your head forward while your chosen rubber flicks gravel out of the rear end. These unwelcome and unnecessarily annoying delays (generally) revolve around three sources: throttle lag, turbo lag and auto transmissions (if you have one). Itís the former that Iíve been fooling around with on my Troopy for almost two years by fitting an iDrive throttle control system.

While the inner workings of an iDrive are indeed electronically controlled, the end workings of the unit are simple. That is, to speed up or slow down the reaction times between your vehicleís throttle pedal and the effects you are wanting from it.