THE winners of the Moon Tours’ Cape York trip have just returned from an adventurous, excitement-filled expedition to the Tip of Queensland.

Jamie and Siobhan (Bon) Thornberry from Seymour, Victoria, won the prize - a guided trip to Cape York worth more than $10K - by registering their details online, before they were randomly plucked from a large pool of entrants.

The couple met up with Trent Moon and his partner Steph, Ron and Viv Moon, and the rest of the crew at Cooktown, where eight vehicles and two camper trailers were readied for the bucket-list trip to begin.

Countless highlights of this Cape York trip included Lakefield National Park, Chili Beach, the challenging Frenchmen’s Track and the entire OTL track.

Once at the Tip, camp was set up at Somerset, before the convoy ventured to Thursday, Friday and Horn Islands. The return trip took in the Old Coach Road between Laura and Maytown, before finishing at a private forest camp near Mt Molloy, inland from Cairns.

Jamie and Bon’s near brand-new, well-equipped Isuzu MU-X handled near everything with aplomb, but it snapped a CV joint as they ploughed through deep sand on the way to the Jardine River mouth … but all was not lost as Jamie carried a spare. How’s that for being prepared?

The party encountered several other mechanical issues on the trip; a few tyres rolled off rims by exuberant driving; a few people got bogged; winches were used on a couple of occasions, as were the snatch straps; and there were a few scrapes on side rails and the like, but nothing too serious.

All in all, it was pretty normal Cape York 4x4 adventure. Thanks to Moon Tours ( and Cooper Tyres ( for their support of the competition.