Rhino-Rack has developed a Backbone system to suit the Jeep Wrangler JL four-door. Under development for two years, the Rhino-Rack Backbone can be fitted by one person without removing the Hard Top. It attaches to the factory chassis points to distribute weight evenly throughout the vehicle’s body, which results in an impressive 120kg load capacity when installed in conjunction with a Pioneer Platform. The Backbone has been designed to complement the Wrangler’s aesthetics, with a bold, solid construction. It’s made from durable, non-corrosive cast aluminium, and a black powder-coat finish ensures the Backbone mates seamlessly with Rhino-Rack Pioneer Systems. The Backbone is compatible with RLT600 removable legs and RCL low locking legs, providing setups that can be tailored to individual requirements. The RCL legs bring any Pioneer Platform closer to the roof for easy access, loading and unloading.

RRP: $599



EFS has developed a range of suspension upgrade options to suit the ever-popular Ford Ranger PXIII. With a choice of spring rates, EFS says it will have a suspension kit to suit four-wheel drivers whether they use their Ranger for towing, off-road driving or outback touring. The complete lift kits include new front struts with EFS’s Elite 35mm big bore damper and a choice of spring rates, while at the rear there are a number of leaf spring options, as well as EFS greasable pins and shackles, U-bolts, polyurethane bushes and Elite 35mm big bore dampers. For full details you can check out the website or talk to an EFS accessory expert, phone 1300 337 493.

RRP: From $1999



Tred has released two new recovery boards to suit 4WDers with different needs, vehicles and budgets. While the new Tred GT (Grand Touring) and Tred HD (Heavy Duty) share the same design, they are made from different materials. According to Tred, the new boards have the same essential recovery characteristics of the brand’s top-of-the-range Tred Pro, but at a more affordable mid-level price. The Tred GT is made from polypropylene, while the Tred HD is made from a custom-engineered nylon blend; the former is suitable for vehicles up to 4000kg while the latter suits vehicles up to 4500kg. Tred GT boards weigh 2.7kg each and are designed for use in temperatures ranging from 0° to 55°C, while Tred HD boards weigh 3.5kg each and can be used in temps ranging from -15° to 70°C. Both GT and HD boards have dedicated entry and exit points, sipe locks to grip the outer edges of a vehicle’s tyres, a Tred-Link system that allows them to be linked together, and they offer various mounting options. They are also available in a range of colours.

RRP: $229 (Tred GT); $279 (Tred HD)



This new portable power source from Goal Zero has been designed to keep all of your gadgets going … and going. Called the Sherpa 100PD Power Bank, it has a whopping 25,600amp/h capacity yet is still carry-on approved, is only slightly larger than a modern smartphone, and weighs just 635g. There are USB-A charging ports as well as a 60W USB-C port to provide reliable power for laptops, phones and tablets. The Sherpa 100PD also has a wireless QI charging pad. Goal Zero says the Sherpa 100 PD packs enough power to fully recharge a phone up to eight times, a tablet up to four times and a laptop up to two times … all on a single charge. And when you need to top up the Sherpa 100PD, it will fully charge from a wall socket in just three hours, from a vehicle’s 12V outlet in 3.5 hours or, when connected to a compatible solar panel such as the Goal Zero Nomad 28Plus, in seven to 14 hours. Other features include built-in charging and low battery protection, and a battery-level indicator.

RRP: $299



Ironman 4x4 has released two new LED driving lights: the Megatom and the Eclipse. The Megatom is a two-in-one LED driving light/ light bar combination that can be installed with the light bar positioned at the bottom or the top. Housed in a tough diecast alloy housing and supplied with a stainless steel mounting bracket, the Megatom is IP67 waterproof rated. Each of the Megatom’s lights can be operated independently of each other for a combined maximum 120W high-lux output (driving light 75W/light bar 45W) with a 90° beam spread. The Eclipse is a 75W LED driving light with additional 24W “Side Shooters” that offer a combined 99W high-lux output with a 140° beam spread. It has a diecast alloy housing, is IP67 waterproof rated and has a shockproof polycarbonate lens.

RRP: Megatom ($495 each), 2x light wiring loom ($88); Eclipse ($220 each), 2x light wiring loom ($50)



The Pelican R60 Personal Utility Ruck Case is claimed to be a crush-proof, dust-proof and adventure-proof storage system for small items. Measuring 283mm x 174mm x 99mm, it features IP68-rated protection from water, dirt, snow and dust, a dual-pivot hinge latch, an abrasion- and impact-proof ABS outer shell, snap-in flexible lid organiser, rigid divider tray, MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) style loop system with Velcro straps, rubberised protective bumpers, and a built-in pressure valve. It’s claimed to be waterproof to a depth of two metres for up to 30 minutes and is covered by a lifetime guarantee. It’s available in green, brown, black or orange.

RRP: $89.95



TJM has developed the new HD Vehicle Mount Compressor with a claimed flow rate of 86lt/min and a 100 per cent duty cycle. The exterior is constructed from a combination of cast and extruded anodised aluminium to provide maximum protection for the oversized internals, which include a hard-anodised cylinder bore and Teflon-impregnated piston seal. The compressor also features five unique mounting angles for easy access, whether in your engine bay, vehicle cab or drawer system. Additional features include multiple tyre inflation points, six auxiliary ports and a pressure cut-out switch. An optional matching airline kit includes a 6m rubber hose, a tyre inflation chuck, a female Nitto quick-connect fitting with male ¼-inch BSPT thread, an air blower and a selection of nozzles.

RRP: $389 (airline kit $69)



Australia is not just an island continent; it’s a continent of more than 8000 islands. In this new photographic travel/history book, travel writer Tony Wheeler (Lonely Planet co-founder) takes readers on a journey around the Australian coast to discover the stunning natural features, unique wildlife and chequered histories of our remarkably diverse islets, cays, atolls and archipelagos. The book includes eco-resorts, pristine beaches, dive sites to guano mines, prisons and subantarctic volcanoes. Discover why the Whitsundays should have been called the Whitmondays, encounter Australia’s only known pirate, witness mutiny and murder on the Bounty and Batavia, meet giant lizards and friendly quokkas, and discover rich Indigenous cultures. Islands of Australia takes you behind the tourist brochures to discover our islands’ fascinating, complex and sometimes dark histories, and it will leave you itching to visit and discover more about our history and natural heritage.

RRP: $39.99



MSA 4X4’s new Tradie Gear Canvas Seat Covers are manufactured from heavy-duty 14oz polyester and cotton blend canvas for maximum durability. They are polycotton-lined to deliver maximum protection for vehicle car seats by providing a complete barrier between the canvas and the seat. In addition, the Tradie Gear Canvas Seat Covers are claimed to be 100 per cent water, dirt, mud, kid and pet proof, and they are quick and easy to install thanks to a simple seat cover pattern. Importantly, all Tradie Gear Canvas Seat Covers are certified ADR compliant. The current Tradie Gear range includes seat cover patterns to suit tradie-relevant and fleet-relevant 4x4 vehicles.

RRP: $325 per row; $620 for front- and second-row set



The new BlackWolf Sombra Shelter has been designed to provide much-needed shade under the harsh Aussie sun, as well as protection from wind and rain. The Sombra features a 150D polyester canopy with a UPF 50+ sun protection rating coupled with a 2000mm waterhead rating to keep you dry on rainy days. The canopy fits over BlackWolf’s custom 19mm Tuff steel poles, which are claimed to offer enough strength to keep the setup in place in even the windiest conditions. A side panel is available as an optional extra for added protection from the elements. BlackWolf says the Sombra Shelter is also quick to erect and take down, and that it packs down to a convenient compact size for easy vehicle storage when not in use. There are two models available: the Sombra 300 and the larger Sombra 450.

RRP: $399.99 (Sombra 300); $499.99 (Sombra 450)



The innovative ARB Tailgate Assist is now available to suit 2015-on Toyota Hilux SR and SR5 models. The Tailgate Assist safely controls the opening speed of the tailgate and reduces the closing effort by more than 50 per cent, allowing for easy one-handed operation of the tailgate, which has obvious benefits when a driver is carrying something in the other hand. ARB Tailgate Assist systems are model specific and, in the case of the 2015-on Hilux, consists of a gas strut and a torsion spring, along with vehicle-specific hardware including mounting brackets and tailgate cables.

RRP: $299 (Australian East Coast Metro)



Narva adds a new head torch to its ALS (Advanced Lighting Systems) range, with white, green and red LED light outputs. The lamp has two COB (chip on board) LEDs producing a claimed 180 Lumens on flood beam with a 120° beam angle. A secondary arc shaped COB LED provides the option of a lower intensity (120 Lumens) flood beam, while a spotlight function provides 150 Lumens and is claimed to illuminate objects up to 60m away. Narva says the green light suits reading in the dark, while the red light is less likely to disturb neighbours. The lamp is magnetised and can be removed and used as a handheld torch. Other features include motion activation, a glow-in-thedark locator, brightness memory, IP65 rating, and an included 240V USB charge lead. Warranty is two years.

RRP: $179