The power. The passion.



Meeting VFII SS

WE PUT Holdenís new LS3-powered Series II VF Commodore SS under the magnifying glass


New MX-5 v 86

MAZDAíS new bantamweight MX-5 hungrily lusts for a slice of the budget sportscar pie


One:1 driven

KOENIGSEGG claims the One:1 is the fastest production car in the world. We put the Swede to the test ó in the wet


The future of Ferrari

THEREíS been some recent shuffling at the HQ of the famous Prancing Horse, what can we expect to happen next?


Bang For Your Bucks

THE SECOND and final round of Bang 2015 as the $50K-$100K class clashes Ė and we crown an outright winner


A feast of numbers

A NUMERIC wrap-up of our annual bang fest with all the no-bull figures we recorded on test


California T caned

WE UNDRESS the new turbocharged California in a golden sunny state of our own, Queensland


Onboard with Block

THE AMERICAN gymkhana legend takes us for a terror ride in his 630kW allwheel- drive ĎMustangí

The Feral One 58

437km/h 1000kW Swedish hypercar fanged... in the wet


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9 Edís Letter

The MOTOR you love now in a new package

13 The News

HSV reveals it will charge up its range; Frankfurt so far

20 The Vent

Go on, bomb us with your praise or pity

22 Sweet Dream

We create a real Gordini tribute

118 Geek Speak

What made the Bugatti Veyronís engine so monstrous

120 Cool Kit

Give your Golf's exhaust gases the pipe treatment

123 Itís Tempting

Consider these gems before you buy an 86 or new supercar

124 Garage

Living inside the belly of our long-term beast

127 Chart Attack

The low down on the current fast car market madness

129 David Morley

On why heíll always have an oldie in the shed

131 James Stanford

Breaks the silence on what he thinks about Formula E

133 Hot Source

On-paper shopping for the go-fast lovers

146 Final Nine

Supercars íround the globe you probably donít know about