Ed’s notes

“We’re going to hammer this performance car thing even harder in the coming years”

Dylan Campbell

SOMEONE EMAILED in a few months back asking if we could review caravans. It’s bad news for that person – it was only, oh, about 25 years ago MOTOR decided to cover off new performance cars and not much else. Yes, the occasional passenger car has wriggled through the net, and certainly the same can be said for more than a few cars pretending to be performance models, but other than that, we’ve no plans to head off in some other direction – not caravans, not Camrys.

If anything, we’re gonna hammer this performance car thing even harder in the coming years, supplied by the ever-fastening conveyor belt of new performance models. And to make sure we’re on the front foot for the coming fast car arrivals, we’ve bought some new furniture and given the carpet a vacuum. Yep, this month we whip the covers off an extensive coverto-cover redesign.

MOTOR’s new look has been months in the making, and I hope you like it. We absolutely welcome feedback – send us something at motor@bauer-media.com.au. While you’re at the computer typing up that praise-laden email, do take our website for a burn if you haven’t already. These days we’re going almost as hard online as we are in print, and of course the price is right for our daily digital efforts.

We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too, and the best part of social media is we can have a convo with you, and often we do. Our terrible jokes in-print unfortunately make it online, and normally we’re polite enough, even if we can’t say the same for some of the other punters. But you'll be right, just don’t bring up Camrys. Or caravans.