Cool Kit

Bridgestone RE003 $149*

Stuff We Want

Bridgestone RE003 $149*

Succeeds the Potenza Adrenalin RE002 as Bridgestone's sports performance tyre. *Price for one tyre, size 195/55 R15

Audi R8 V10 Filters $486 thepipercrossshop.

Said to help Audi's Lambo-made V10 breathe deeper.

Mini Le Mans Car $54 notonthehighstreet. com street.

Made for the budding enthusiast but could easily double as a desk ornament. budding but could ble as a de nament. d desk

Porsche Shelf $6062

Put a 911 Cup car’s wing on your wall and call it a bookshelf. Features aluminium brackets and carbon fi ns.

VW R32 Exhaust Manifolds $1675

Better pipes for your narrow-angle six’s exhaust gases.

E85 Treatment $18

Keeps 100 litres worth of your precious ethanol fresh and clean. Also protects your car from alcohol corrosion.