BRZ/86 From $29,990

Gen-Y drift legend

Peugeot RCZ-R $68,990 PeugeotRCZ

Not just a pretty face

Nissan 370Z $56,930

Ageing, but still fun

Aventador SV price matches pace for full-on factor

ITíS happened, Lamborghini has slapped an SV sticker on its Aventador and now the wild creation is here to terrorise local tarmac.

Somehow more power has been conjured from the V12, now with 37kW more thanks to revised cam timing and a new exhaust. Meanwhile carbon bits also lower the weight by 50kg, dry. More speed comes courtesy of a new aerodynamic package, too, which is claimed to add 170 per cent more downforce. But no figure is impressive as that monolithic price ($882K, or $916K with no roof).