BMW 535i

USUALLY when you see Ď35ií on the back of your Beemer, you get all tingly thinking of the train-like acceleration during the drive. But with the 5-Series, the N55 engineís story is a little different. It feels burdened. No longer propelling you into the scenery, itís merely a quicker way of cruising about. But thereís an upside to this. Its slower because the 5-Series it carries is a proper luxo-ride. Itís particularly spacious, and while much of the interiorís story is the same as any other BMW, the new digitalised cluster (graphical dials on a TFT screen) is a great step forward. The only thing that spoils its scorecard is the ride thanks to the M-Sport package, which is best avoided. -LC

SPECS 3.0L INLINE-SIX, 225KW/400NM, 7.9L/100KM PRICE $116,930