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The power. The passion.


Coff ee with Mr MX-5

WE SHARE a brew and have a chat with the team leader of Mazda’s iconic MX-5, Nobuhiro Yamamoto


Holden VF II SS

HOLDEN has saved the best until last with the 6.2-litre LS3 V8, which finally gives the SS the voice it deserves


HSV Clubsport R8 LSA

HSV EMBRACES boost in a big way by supercharging its Gen-F2 range and the results are unsurprisingly swift


XR8 vs VF II Redline

WE TAKE Holden and Ford’s final creations for one last head-to-head brawl. Who will have the last laugh?


Peugeot 308 GTi

BEING far more than a sticker kit, the 308 GTi builds on the heritage of its high-performance hot-hatch ancestors


Roush Mustang

FOR AN early taste of modified Mustang, Mustang Motorsport flings us the keys to its 468kW Roush


F1 School

EVEN THE world’s greatest drivers don’t know everything and they turn to Rob Wilson when they need to


86 Tuning Guide

THE 86 is the perfect platform to create a modified rear-wheel rocket. Here’s how to tweak the cheeky track twins

911 GT3 v Trophy-R 74

These two have more in common than you might think


Merc-AMG A45 Skoda RS230 BMW M6 Maserati GT Sport Audi RS3 BMW 340i

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Ed’s Letter

On the enormity of Holden and Ford’s last ever stoush

13 The News

BMW M2, 911 R, Toyota S-FR and a ripper Blue Meanie

20 The Vent

Speeding, revenue raising... neverrrr! You lot reckon not

22 Sweet Dream

Making a Maserati supercar

118 Geek Speak

Behind the scenes with tuning electric power steering

120 Cool Kit

Got the cash, then get on the web and check out this stuff

123 It’s Tempting

An HSV GTS Coupe and Clint Eastwood’s favourite ride

124 Garage

Great White goes to the dyno doctor. What’s the damage?

127 Chart Attack

All the ups and downs of the sportscar market this month

129 David Morley

Lamenting on why autobahns aren’t much fun anymore

131 James Stanford

When a group of lads gather at the pub, anything can happen

133 Hot Source

All the stats to convince you of your next purchase

146 Final Nine

The best-looking and most iconic wheel designs