“For the briefest moment it dawned on me that this is actually quite a big thing”

Ed’s notes

Dylan Campbell

SO THERE we were, gathered around my desk in the MOTOR office fine-tuning the cover of this issue. “It’s definitely the last-ever Aussie V8 comparison, isn’t it?” enquired publisher and ex-MOTOR editor Ged Bulmer. “Well,” I said, “I actually don’t know for sure.” And, in terms of both cars being new and embroiled in a direct test, I don’t know if there’ll be another. Ford’s alleged to be working on a final FPV F6-powered XR6 Turbo, regular readers would know. But there are rumours of a last hurrah XR8 circulating as well. It stacks up; even with all the budget of whatever was under the staffroom vending machine, a more powerful XR8 isn’t out of the question – there’s a 351kW tune sitting there from the FG GT F. ‘Don’t say that,’ GT F owners might shriek. ‘I just spent $150K on a Falcon!’ But you needn’t worry too much; something tells me a 350kW Farewell Tour Edition XR8 is unlikely. “I’m pretty confident this is the last-ever V8 Aussie comparison,” I replied to Bulmer. And in the chaos of the workday, there was the briefest moment where it seemed to dawn that this is actually quite a big thing. But for now, both cars are still around, and obviously the LS3 SS has only just come out. It’s such a sweet thing, too, at least in Redline sedan guise. Associate editor Scott Newman swivelled on his chair at one stage this month with a mischievous expression. “You can get the SS ute, with 304kW, a limited-slip diff and 245 rear tyres, for $41K.” We both laughed. And then I found myself entertaining the idea of buying one, with some frustration, as I just bought a car. But the point is, entertaining such ideas is still possible. Enjoy the issue.