Return of the RX-7?

AS THIS ISSUE went to press we were still a little over a week away from the opening day of the Tokyo Motor Show, which will have taken place by the time you read this.

Mazda has already confirmed it will unveil a new sports car concept at the show, but apart from the teaser image above, we have no information as to what form it will take nor, crucially, what’s going to lurk beneath the bonnet.

Speculation is rife that it will be powered by Mazda’s iconic rotary engine. Depending on who you talk to at Mazda, the return of the rotary is either just around the corner; a nice idea but unlikely; or totally impossible due to current emissions regulations.

Mazda MX-5 project boss Nobuhiro Yamamoto, a man who has spent decades on rotary development, was tight-lipped when asked at the local MX-5 launch (see p38) but type into your internet machine and you’ll be able to read all about Mazda’s potential new sports car as well as all the other hot metal from the show – word is we might even see a preview of the new Toyota Supra!