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Blue Meanie Brock treatment for VF SS


THAT'S THE gap in kilowatts between HSV's 430kW GTS hero model and this, the new 475kW Holden Dealer Team-tuned 'Blue Meanie' SS Commodore.

Holden Dealer Team Special Vehicles – to give its full name – is owned by Brock-enthusiast Peter Champion, so it’s no surprise this 30-unit limited edition celebrates 30 years since the VK Group A SS homologation special.

Prime sponsors, Mobil, saw the original painted in a livery that would earn its Blue Meanie nickname.

Likewise with the VF SS, only the factory Perfect Blue (referencing Brocky’s ‘Peter Perfect’ nickname) is allowed for the HDT SV transformation.

Near-exact throwbacks to the original are the oval grille, white ‘directional aero’ alloys (19.0-inch with 305mm rear rubber) and front guard Venetian-blind SS stickers with Group A font and Brock signature.

On top of the base SSV Redline price, the Blue Meanie treatment costs an additional $30,500 (or $37,500 with a Harrop Performance brake option, but gets you adjustable Bilstein coilovers, a 3.0-inch bi-modal exhaust and an Eaton supercharger – the same unit HSV uses for its 6.2-litre. Only, HDT SV achieves more grunt using the Series I 6.0-litre V8.

Sounds Peter-Perfect to us.