F12 gets angry

574kW V12 F12tdf says "on yer bike, Aventador SV"


THE TOUR de France naming for this limited edition F12 pays tribute to the endurance car – not bike – race dominated by Ferrari in the 1950s and 1960s. Whatever the reason, the changes to this V12 two-seater are very special (or should that be Speciale?).

The F12tdf is overhauled enough, compared with an F12 Berlinetta, to deliver a 110kg weight reduction (to total 1415kg). This is achieved via extensive use of carbonfibre for the exterior and the “deliberately Spartan cockpit”, where knee-padding replaces the glovebox.

There’s 107kg of extra downforce at 200km/h thanks to revised aerodynamics: a new front bar includes an active splitter and louvres; the side ‘aerobridges’ harness more air pressure; the rear spoiler is 60mm longer and 30mm taller with a more vertical rear screen aimed to add push; and there’s even three active rear diffuser flaps, like little ailerons.

The 6.3-litre V12 engine now produces 574kW at 8500rpm (up 29kW) and 705Nm at 6750rpm (rising 15Nm) with a stratospheric 8900rpm ceiling. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission has six per cent shorter ratios and delivers 30 per cent faster upshifts and 40 per cent quicker downshifts.

A 2.9sec 0-100km/h time is twotenths faster, while 200km/h comes up in 7.9sec. The F12tdf can also lap Fiorano in 1min 21sec – the latter two numbers each being only around a second off the LaFerrari.

The front tyres are now 275mm (up 20mm) along with wider front and rear tracks. The tdf also debuts a rearwheel- steering system, called Virtual Short Wheelbase, designed to achieve the “turn-in of a competition car”.

No pricing has been announced, though with just 799 to be built, we suspect that if your name isn't already down, you're out of luck.