Telling fibs

Adrian via email

I READ an article written by a policeman in the United States whose primary job was writing reports about the cause of fatal accidents. He was forbidden to list inattentive/distracted driving, etc, as a possible/ probable cause of accidents because of the subjective nature of it and its consequences (liability), even when it was obvious these reasons were the cause of accidents. He was only allowed to note that “speeding was a factor”. So, he stated that the statistics were completely skewed.

When driving modern cars at Australian speed limits it seems to require little attention, so distraction easily occurs.

Driving at higher speeds requires more attention, therefore becomes safer.

My partner faced losing her licence last year from numerous speed camera fines, each for only a few kays over the limit.

She drives a lot for her sales job, and if she didn’t constantly stare at the speedo, she would eventually get another fine and lose her licence and job. Realistic safety? No.