Put the limit up

Slade Blandford, via email

AFTER reading your article on Facebook about our road limits it got me back to the discussion of fatigue. For our urban sprawl we have 40/50/60/70km/h limits, but once you’re out on the highway, why is 100km/h the magic number? Even a Toyota Yaris is capable of 140 clicks without missing a beat.

A number of years ago the Northern Territory decided to limit its outback highways to 130km/h, which brought about a spike in fatalities. I’ll let you find those stats, but the NT has since made these roads unlimited [speed] again which has reduced fatalities on boring straight stretches.

My VF Commodore SS could handle 160km/h on the open highway. The question is, however, is everybody capable of handling these speeds?

You’re right, Slade. Not everyone can handle high speeds, and so you have to cater for those people.

Still, imagine how simple 40/60/80/100 – with a divided-road limit of 120km/h – would be?