Fast cars not relevant

“What Ken Block does is fun to watch, but a world away from reality”

Eric Waples , via email

IT WAS interesting to note the editorial admission that this magazine has been going down the performance road for maybe 25 years. A while ago I suggested to then-editor Ged Bulmer that the magazine masthead read Performance MOTOR, to more accurately reflect the content that was very much the thrust of the magazine back then.

As justifiably stated, caravans are not the domain of your publication, but the concentration on tyre-frying machinery has definitely become the exclusive theme.

Maybe the original idea was to distance your publication from the Wheels magazine opposition, and that has certainly been achieved. I am not a party-pooper when it comes to performance cars, having grown up with, and in been in awe of, the GT40 and the more mundane Falcon GTs and 327/350 Monaros of the day.

But MOTOR’s focus on ultimate performance saw me cease buying the publication at least 20 years back.

Even though what Ken Block does is fun to watch, it is a world away from reality.

Yes, MOTOR has been a magazine more-orless exclusively covering enthusiast performance cars for about 25 years. When did you say you stopped reading?

“What Ken Block does is fun to watch, but a world away from reality”