Cool Kit

Stuff We Want

Nouvelle Alloy Wheels by TSW

$540* For those who dig a bit of dish, the Nouvelle Alloy Wheels range in width from 8.0 to 10.5 inches. *Price for one rim, size 18 x 8.0-inch

Oil Breather

$44 thepipercrossshop. Optimise engine performance and let your crankcase breathe by fi ltering out oilcontaminated air.

Lambo Bracelet

$1665 This isnít just any bracelet Ė it's made by Albanu, based in Monaco, which is famed for its dabbling in man-jewellery, if that's your thing.

Koora Speakers

$3895 Aussie-made, handcrafted speakers that promise mind-blowing sound quality. Your Celine Dion albums will never have sounded so good.

Stealth B-52 Bomber Bike

$9900 stealthelectricbikes. Uses electric power and nine speeds to hit velocities of 80km/h.


Defender Pedal Car

$21,000 (est) With suspension, brakes, leather seats and aluminium bodywork, we canít see anyone bar Prince George steering this come its 2016 release.

Kube Beer Box

$1360 Fuses a 37.5-litre beer cooler and Bluetooth speaker together.

Charges plenty for the convenience.