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In pics: SEMA 2015

WE SCOUR this yearís wild SEMA show to bring you the most impressive and, er, interesting rides from Vegas


Base 911 goes turbo

IF ANYONE can make turbocharging work, itís Porsche. But itíll need to transfix us to swat away nostalgia


Turbo chargers

TWO high-powered German machines take to the battlefield in a force-fed Deutschland dispute


RX-7? Is that you?

JUST WHEN you thought it was dead, Mazda hints the RX series might return in a big way. With a rotary, too


P1ís baby brother

ITíS THE Ďcheaperí McLaren thatís anything but. And in an usual twist, it may be Wokingís best model yet


Old versus new

WE introduce MINIíS JCW to its grandparents to determine whether Cooper magic still runs in its blood


GLE63 vs X5 M

BAVARIAís latest muscle-bound kid haulers bang heads to prove that bigger is better

300 SRT vs HSV R8 82

HSVís new blown R8 takes on Chryslerís atmo 300 SRT


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