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Video: XR8 v LSA R8

WE RECENTLY found ourselves at Heathcote with three of the latest Aussie muscle cars, so it wouldíve been rude not to turn the cameras on and find out which is fastest down the quarter mile.

Regular visitors will by now have seen the first part of the action, where Fordís Falcon XR8 swatted aside Holdenís new VF II Commodore Redline like a fly. A 304kW/570Nm 6.2-litre V8 has closed the gap between these two traditional foes, but 335kW/570Nm of supercharged Miami V8 still asks a question the Commodore canít answer.

But, lo and behold, we happened to have HSVís new Clubsport R8 LSA on hand as well, so there was a chance for the General to regain some pride. Now on paper itís not a particularly fair fight, as the HSV is 65kW/100Nm up on its Falcon foe, but as we all know, Ford is a bit coy about how much power the XR8 actually produces, so perhaps itís better to look at it as a fight between two automatic supercharged V8s.

What wins? Well, both cars give their best with some of the fastest times weíve managed from each, but to find out, meet us at


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