Walky works up 547kW VF II

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New LS3 SS package delivers a 547kW/880Nm punch to the face

THE VF II Commodore SS may roar louder thanks to its new 6.2-litre LS3 V8, but this Walkinshaw W547 package is the one to add big claws to the last-of-the-line local lion.

Talk about bang for your buck – the supercharger kit costs a not insignificant $26,000, but it’ll boost power from Holden's new big-cube V8 from an enjoyable 304kW/570Nm to a mind-altering 547kW/880Nm.

In fact, the W547's 243kW/310Nm increase is virtually the equivalent of stuffing a whole 210kW/350Nm SV6 engine under the bonnet and makes this Walkinshaw's most potent Holden upgrade ever.

Now to the nitty-gritty. The supercharger kit features Eaton rotors, a heavy-duty belt drive, 12.0-inch intake runners, high-flow injectors, a water-to-air intercooler package, custom-moulded heater and intercooler hoses, cast aluminium coil covers and a self-contained oil system. Also sitting beneath the engine cover (with W547 badging and individual build number, painted yellow for the first 50 buyers) is an upgraded camshaft, tougher valve springs and ceramic-coated headers, leading to an active catback exhaust.

Quickly do the sums: the W547 package takes the price of a Holden SS Ute manual from $40,990 to $66,980 plus on-roads. That’s still $10K less than a Maloo R8 LSA, now the cheapest way into a supercharged HSV. But even a Maloo R8 LSA can ‘only’ dish up 400kW and 671Nm. on y p What the increased outputs can do to lower the 4.9-second 0-100km/h of the regular SS falls down to how well the rear tyres can hook up with so many of Newton’s finest trying to turn them into smithereens.

If you’re talking the standard 245mm 18-inch tyres, we would say not much; with the 275mm-wide 19s of the SS V Redline there’s more of a chance to close in on the 4.6sec time we’ve achieved from an LSAequipped Gen-F2 Clubsport R8 LSA.

The upgrade doesn’t include wheel, tyre or chassis modifications to your LS3-equipped Holden or HSV, which is a BYO affair.

New VF II SS, SS V or SS V Redline, Maloo R8 and Clubsport eligible, likewise any VE/ atmo. Walkinshaw will only remaining Holden or HSV though.

Walkinshaw insists the W547 has created not with a power-overchassis mindset. Despite the lack of upgrades it says the tuning blown V8 is such that it is liveable.

It’s not necessarily about the power and torque, it’s really about how well the package is put together and how well it drives,” Walkinshaw Performance manager Tony Harris the launch of VFII it makes for WPP to release one of its potent] W Series packages yet.” we think we’ve seen the bang for the last-of-theline locally-made VF Series II, fireworks spray the way of enthusiasts to help crystalise this end home-grown performance era. and regular R8 are eligib VF HSV atm match your warranty, th Walkinsha been create chassis min other upg of the b livea “ t a Walk general ma explains.

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