Meet the fastest factory Rex ever REVEALED!

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Japan scores limited-edition 241kW Subie, but none for Oz!

POWER PEAKING at 7200rpm, torque swelling to 431Nm, trick adjustable suspension, Recaro buckets, wider tyres – this Subaru WRX STI S207 is a hardcore limited edition that fans will be lusting after.

Those cravings may require a patch on the arm, however, because this ultimate STI is a 400-unit special for the Japanese domestic market only.

Subaru Tecnica International has taken the flagship WRX and upped power and torque. The Japanesemarket 2.0-litre turbo boxer fourbanger shifts from 227kW to 241kW and rises from 422Nm to 431Nm; the latter spooling up and staying strong across 3200-4800rpm.

Output-boosting S207 exclusives include a twin-scroll ball-bearing turbo, quad performance exhaust with lower backpressure and a stronger silicon intake duct, as well as a revised ECU.

The figures also represent a handy increase over Australia's older 2.5-litre boxer, which makes 221kW/407Nm.

Its 4.9-second 0-100km/h claim is no faster than the previous generation that utilised the same donk (and we’ve only achieved a 5.4sec sprint).

Locally, only the non-roadregisterable NR4 motorsport edition uses the revvier Oriental engine, but it too lacks the S207 outputs that – with a high-rev clutch dump – could see this circuit special limbo into the mid-4s on the dragstrip.

To help it launch, the S207 dons 19-inch lightweight forged aluminium BBS alloys (one inch larger), while rubber is now 10mm-wider (255mm) and lower profile (40- down to 35-aspect).

Note the S207 badge is code for track-day special, so giant drilled rotors are gripped by Brembo calipers with six-pots up front and two-pots

at the rear.

The chassis is also reworked for corner work, with extra bracing for the front strut towers and both subframes.

Pillow-ball joints holds in lateral rear suspension linkages, too.

A faster steering rack (11:1 ratio) guides the tighter nose, though that won’t necessarily make for a harder ride because the S207 adds adjustable front Bilstein dampers. Front-to-rear torque vectoring also appears for the first time.

Inside, the main change is the addition of Recaro buckets. The tasty technical treats aren’t left hidden from onlookers, either.

Particularly for a typically uncouth Rex, there’s a subtlety and consistency to the exterior changes – the mesh grille and rear diffuser, each with a red underscore, sets the tone for additional horizontal cues such as the lower front lip spoiler with black centre, matching the black lower side strip and door mirrors.

Choose the Nürburgring Challenge Edition – to commemorate Impreza’s winning ways in the SP3T class at that famous track’s annual 24-hour race – and a dry carbon spoiler appears.

Only 200 will be made, half of them in Sunrise Yellow (there’s otherwise WR Blue, White and Black to pick from).

Not that we get to choose anything.

This is one STI we want to catch, but for now we can only hope the changes will filter to later production models.