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Behold, the (new) fastest car in the world

SECONDS. That's all the time the new Hennessey Venom GT Spyder needs to complete the quarter mile, and it will be travelling 269km/h when it does so.

Responsible for this facemelting speed is a 1082kW 7.0-litre twin-turbo V8, an increase of 154kW over the previous Venom GT, which managed 435km/h at the Kennedy Space Centre in 2014. The extra grunt comes courtesy of retuning the engine for E85 fuel, which allows boost pressure to be raised from 19 to 26psi.

In a car that weighs just 1244kg, performance is unsurprisingly pretty staggering. From a standstill to 97km/h (60mph) takes 2.4sec, you'll pass 161km/h just two seconds later before thundering through 300km/h in 10.9sec and 400km/h in 18.1. Not many cars will send a Veyron home with its tail between its legs, but the Venom GT Spyder is one. On a perfectly dry surface, that is, and with a very brave driver.

Only a handful of these Texan tearaways will be produced and the price will be astronomical, but if you want the fastest and most exciting thing on four wheels then the Venom GT Spyder is your car.

If that's a bit too exciting, Hennessey can always do you a Mustang Convertible that can hit 335km/h, or how about a 485kW Ford F150 Raptor pick-up? God bless America.